5 Ways to Become a Happy Person

True personal happiness can seem to be very elusive. We see others who seem to always be happy. We become envious of those who seem to have found the secret formula. We live such stress-filled lives that we often have no idea on where to begin. We allow months to slip into years without ever taking a real evaluation as to what makes us happy. Below are five ways to become a happier person.

1. Always choose honesty Even the smallest lie can grow on your conscience. After a few white lies, you live stressed because you cannot remember what story you told to whom. Choosing to be true to yourself will relieve stress in your life and allow you to live happy.

2. Be generous with your time and resources. We often don’t live happy because our worls reloves around us. Few thing in this life can provide you more joy than give your time or money to someone in need. Volunteer your time at a local rescue mission. Spend time with the less fortunate. Sometimes happiness comes when we realize just how blessed we are.

3. Be kind to yourself. Beating yourself up really gets you no where. Belittling yourself just causes you to stoop lower. Give yourself a break. Nobody can be perfect all the time. Leave space for failures. Decide to be happy no matter the circumstances.

4. Find a hobby and do it everyday. Sometimes stress comes from being too busy. Happiness comes when you slow down and add margin in your life. In that margin, find time to spend doing a hobby you enjoy. Whether it is a sport, craft, or hobby, do it everyday. If you have no hobby, then choose a routine you can do everyday. Take a walk around the neighborhood, bike down the street, or go on a stroll arounf the lake with someone you love.

5. Find something to be thankful for everyday. What is going right in your life right now? That is a question you should ask yourself everyday. The truth is you can always find something to be thankful for. Make each day your masterpiece.One way to do this is by starting a daily journal. Journaling will help you to see just how blessed you really are. Choose to write down 10 things you are thankful for every morning.

You can choose to become happier starting today. In the final analysis, happiness is really a choice. Want to be happy? Just choose a few of the items mentioned above and start using them now.

Jonathan is a self-improvement/ productivity blogger at Simple Life Habits, where he writes about how to work less, do more, and live with greater focus.

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