Attracting More People to Indoor Recreation

The quality of a person’s overall physical and mental health can be greatly enhanced when they are presented with ways to engage in activities during their leisure time that they not only enjoy but are beneficial as well. One of the reasons many people do not engage in recreational activities on a regular basis is that they may live in a location that does not have favorable conditions for being outside, but for a short time period of the year. That is why indoor recreation centers can be a great thing to have in local neighborhoods. The question then is how to attract more people to these centers?

Tips to Attract Customers

The quick answer is to make the center’s activities more appealing to a wider range of citizens. Most communities are multi-generational, with the exception of those located in neighborhoods that cater exclusively to seniors or adults without children. Even then, you have to offer a variety of activities that are bound to appeal to everybody as each person has different interests.

A collection of indoor play spaces, climbing walls, skate parks, and basketball courts tend to appeal to families with children. Facilities as weight rooms, indoor pools, game rooms, dance studios and even libraries appeal to people of all ages. Recreation centers that offer art classes, exercise programs and parents’ day out programs are very popular in family oriented neighborhoods.

Accessibility and Affordability are Key

In order to attract local residents to an indoor recreation facility, not only does it need to have activities that are appealing, but it must be affordable and accessible. If a center is located in an area where there are very little places for children to play outdoors, then it should be open during weekends, holiday periods and have adequate supervision. Many community facilities often offer supervised after-school programs for working parents. If the neighborhood is a place where there are large numbers of residents who do shift work, then a facility that is open extended hours would be very popular to this type of person.

Cater to Your Locale

The best way to make indoor recreational facilities more attractive is to know their targeted market and include activities and facilities that are the most attractive to the type of people they want to attract. Don’t have a large number of children’s programs if there are few children in the area and don’t have programs that only appeal to adults if the neighborhood is mainly families.

Christina Thompson is a mom and freelance writer and enjoys spending her hot summer days playing with her son at

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