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How to Find an Exercise Program That You Love



How to find an exercise program that you love

Everyone knows they should be trying to get more exercise, but it’s not always easy to find the time or the enthusiasm to workout. If you are one of the many people all over the world, who knows they should be doing more but can’t seem to sustain the regular trips to the gym or the exercise classes after the first few weeks, maybe you need to look at taking a new approach to your health.

Why it’s hard for people to exercise

It’s not usually laziness that prevents people from exercising; in fact, it’s very often the opposite – people are taking on too much and not leaving themselves enough time to look after themselves properly. You know the kind of thing; parents who spend their days working and taking care of their kids and find that they’re exhausted by the end of the day. Once the children are in bed, the day’s almost over, and the most you can expect is to catch a program on TV or maybe take a hot bath.

The irony here is that doing more exercise boosts your energy levels, and you’d probably find it much easier to cope with your daily life if you included regular exercise. A walk, a run, a workout, a yoga session, a game of tennis; anything that involves physical activity is good for your mental wellbeing too, so you’d be less stressed as well as having more energy.

Many people do try really hard to commit to an exercise regime, determined that this will be the time they crack it and get the exercise bug. Sadly, many of these efforts fail, and the most frequent cause is that what they’re doing simply isn’t the best exercise for them.

Why would you want to spend an hour three times a week doing something that you found dull, tedious, very hard work, and completely unrewarding? If you’re down the gym trying to work out and you feel like that, as well as being sweaty and red-faced, and feeling embarrassed by all the fit young things around you, it’s hardly any wonder that you find it unpleasant to continue with what amounts to a form of punishment.

How you can make it easier to exercise by getting some help

Exercise isn’t going to be easy as such, because if there was no effort involved it wouldn’t be doing you a lot of good. However, achieving your fitness goals can be made easier psychologically by getting some professional help, or sharing the journey with friends and family members.

Professional help is invaluable in reaching your fitness goals, and also takes a lot of the strain off of you. You don’t need to worry about doing the right exercises or the correct number of reps, or what your technique is like because you have an expert by your side to work all that out for you. Personal trainers give you one-to-one help at every stage of your journey, and they take a great deal of pride in helping you improve your fitness and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Many work at gyms or clubs, or you can employ your own. Make sure they have the right qualifications, which you can find out more about at:, and any certification so you know you’re getting the best advice, and if you can find out from their other clients how good they are, even better.

If you hate going to the gym, but love being with your family, resign your membership and spend the money on some good quality hiking boots or mountain bikes, and take a few trips out in the evenings and weekends together. With people you love around you encouraging you, it will be far more enjoyable, and you won’t have to feel self-conscious or inadequate.

You can have a good laugh, spend time in the fresh air enjoying your surroundings, and be doing yourself a world of good at the same time. Or you could team up with some close friends to play golf or badminton a couple of times a week – or even form your own little cadre at the gym, so you don’t feel so alone and can have a good gossip as you cruise along on your exercise bikes.

Once you’ve found the kind of exercise that’s right for you, it will soon stop being a dreaded chore and become a pleasure; a treat you look forward to, and that makes you feel healthy and happy.

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