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The Main Purpose Of Porcelain Veneers



What you need to know about dental veneers

Keeping your teeth healthy requires effort and a little investment over time. The yearly dental check-ups and a few treatments over the years may cost you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars cumulatively. However, many people do these routines to keep their smiles intact and their overall dental health in good shape.

Then there’s the thing about cosmetic dentistry which is, nowadays, often undertaken by many celebrities and the rich and famous. This is where the aesthetic purpose of many dental treatments comes to mind. Take for example the application of porcelain veneers which is a very popular treatment in regaining back the beauty and healthy appearance of a person’s smile.

You will surely notice that many celebrities and TV personalities have made changes to their appearances. But it is also likely that many of them just improved their smiles and looks, thanks to porcelain veneers. If you have been watching the news channel or a favorite soap opera, you will notice the difference in your favorite actor or actress by the way they smile and project a healthy disposition.

Not only do porcelain veneers upgrade the quality of one’s smiles. These tiny teeth coverings can hide imperfections caused by damage and dental problems. While it is true that these are great for beautifying one’s smile, having them cover and protect teeth from further damage is another purpose.

You may not always hear from your own dentist that it is inevitable to get your teeth a few porcelain veneers, but there are certain dental problems that require them. Among these problems are severe discoloration of the teeth, chips, nicks, and gaps. More often you will also find older patients being advised to get this treatment to protect their aging and fragile teeth. Other dentists prefer this treatment over implants or dentures because of severe teeth sensitivity.

It is also possible that some patients have other oral diseases or health problems that prevent them from having more invasive dental procedures. People with hemophilia [a rare disease wherein a patient’s blood clotting process takes longer than normal] are not recommended with any invasive procedures. Cuts and bruises are deadly for hemophiliacs, so there’s no way for them to go under the knife.

Some people with multiple dental issues may resort to less invasive procedures as well. Aside from sensitivity, their teeth and gums may be weak or not fit for any dental procedures. People who lack vitamins and other nutrients may experience a variety of diseases because of such deficiencies. What most dentists do is recommend them to medical doctors to help alleviate their conditions. When they are fit for a dental procedure, they should be able to present a clearance from their physician. People with high blood pressure and diabetes are monitored closely, and like hemophiliacs, they may be subject to further tests and medications. But many dentists won’t recommend any invasive dental treatment to prevent risks and life-threatening consequences.

If you think you need a porcelain veneer to prevent further damage to your tooth/teeth, it is best to visit your dentist and discuss this treatment. A trip to a clinic or by searching the web can also help you prepare a budget and for the treatment.