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Are Your Profile Headlines Built to Spark Attraction



When it comes to online dating, there are one hundred and one ways that we can help ourselves to find success with women.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are even more ways that we can hurt ourselves.  Online dating profile headlines are often an overlooked area in which men unintentionally create headlines that completely turn women off.

Today we will take a look at the type of headlines that will completely turn women off.  But first, we must understand what creates attraction.

Women are attracted to men who appear to be in demand

They want a guy who doesn’t seem desperate and is in control.  For these reasons, we can’t create headlines that are the total opposite.

For example, using the phrase, “nice guy looking for a nice girl,” will completely destroy your chances of successfully building attraction.  And there are countless men all over the Internet who create headlines of this nature.

Why is this so bad?

Because it creates the visual of a lonely, overly nice, pushover of a man, who is desperately looking for a nice girl to meet.  It also implies that the man is chasing the woman because that statement boldly declares that he is the one looking.  Women will not feel any type of attraction towards a man based on this statement, and in fact, will feel turned off.

But if we were to change this line too, “Ready to meet that nice, down to earth girl…” we have completely changed the perception.  We are no longer looking for someone.  We are the ones that are ready to meet someone and are implying that they are the ones who now have to give us a reason to date them.  We also don’t boldly declare that we are super nice guys, thus, avoiding the image that we are nothing but wussy pushovers.  This statement has more of an alpha male feel to it, which women are very attracted to.

When it comes down to it, what we write at the top of our profiles is the first impression we are making on women.  We need to provide them with a good reason to continue reading our profile.  If we don’t do so, all that hard work that we have done below will have all been for nothing.  So don’t underestimate the importance of your headline.  It is much more important than most men who are online dating give it credit for!