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Five Reasons You Need Surveillance



There are times in everyone’s life when they feel they need a second pair of eyes and ears to cope with the demands and insecurities of everyday life but getting this help doesn’t need to be as hard as you may think. The use of surveillance is becoming a more popular aid in both domestic and commercial situations and is finally being recognized for the reassurance and comfort it can provide. Do you face any of the problems here? If you do then surveillance could be the answer for you.

Suspicious Partner

Has your partner been acting differently? Has their behavior raised your suspicions? If you suspect your spouse of having an affair and either want to confirm your suspicions or find out the truth before confronting your partner, then surveillance can provide definite evidence of the conduct of an individual. With information on the party in question operatives can carry out surveillance to establish their whereabouts and actions and who their associates are and whether their relationships are appropriate. From this surveillance evidence for use in divorce cases can also be obtained and can prove most helpful in attaining custody of any children in the marriage.

Employees in the Home

Trusting someone enough to let them into your home is always a big risk. How can you be sure that the person caring for your children or your home is doing their job well? We always want to know that our home and families are secure and sometimes the best way to ensure this is to employ domestic help. To make sure that you only have the people you want under your employment we offer a covert surveillance service that allows the actions of an employee to be monitored until it can be established if they are the sort of character you want in your home.

Misconduct at Work

Employers have a hard time trying to monitor everybody and every now and again something is bound to happen. Surveillance is a quick and effective method of solving a variety of problems you may face as an employer. Claims of employee sick leave can be verified without difficulty. Disputes within a company can be quickly evidenced and resolved as can cases of leaked information and employee misconduct. Surveillance can prove most effective in cases of theft in the workplace or in the misuse of company property and can provide evidence that can be used against guilty individuals in legal courts if necessary.

Untrustworthy Individual

Sometimes it isn’t always someone particularly close to us who we need to see under surveillance to feel better about. Whether it be the husband of a friend you suspect is having an affair, a disruptive neighbor, or an individual affecting another member of your family, surveillance can be used to shed light on many situations. Surveillance can be stationary or operatives can move with a target depending on the requirements of this case and this allows flexibility that could not be achieved by an individual.


Whilst clients often use the information gathered as evidence in the divorce cases which sometimes follow the investigations, other clients use surveillance to gain evidence for other purposes. Landlords often approach us regarding debtors who owe them either rent or damages or related costs who declare that they cannot afford to repay the debts for some reason or another. With the evidence gathered through surveillance, it can be established whether these reasons are true or not and the money can be returned to its rightful owner. Insurance claims are also often investigated with surveillance as it is an excellent way of verifying the truth behind any claim made