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It’s Not Creepy to Run a Background Check When Dating Online



Twenty years ago, the notion of online dating was something of a foreign concept. Ten years ago, the idea had caught on and spread like wildfire, but there were concerns about safety. Still, the idea of running an India background check, or any other kind of background check, on someone seemed somewhat invasive, obsessive, and downright creepy.

Today, it’s considered foolish to participate in online dating without the advice of someone like a UK private investigator. The Internet is excellent in its ability to connect people who otherwise may have never met. It’s also dangerous in the fact that anyone can claim to be anyone, and there aren’t many ways to discern otherwise.

Prudence Tops Privacy Every Day of the Week

Even knowing how dangerous Internet dating can be, some people still have reservations about prying so deeply into someone’s personal information. After all, it’s just one date. It’s not that important I know what they did 15 years ago right now, is it?

Well, it really may not be. You may have connected with a beautiful, decent person who is the culmination of your hopes and dreams for life. You could just as quickly, however, have connected with a psychopath or a scam artist. Unless you investigate the person further, there’s no way to know until it’s too late.

What Are the Options?

You can hire a private investigator to find out everything from a simple criminal background check to a detailed history of past relationships and high school transcripts. How far you choose to take it is up to you and how you feel about the situation. At the very least, however, you should order a criminal background check.

Your safety and security are never worth appeasing your reservations about snooping. Never. If it bothers you that bad, be upfront with the person. Tell them, yes, you are interested in getting to know each other more, but you have a strict policy about online dating that includes a background check.

Some people will be beautiful with the idea because they are already running their check on you. Others may feel a little offended at first but will understand the need for such a step in today’s society and will respect your caution. The ones that throw a fit about the idea probably have something to hide, in which case you’re already going to know you don’t need to be dating them in the first place.

What to Do with the Information

If you discover that your online sweetheart has exaggerated a bit about their appearance, build, or talents, that’s probably not a huge deal. If, however, you discover you have been talking to a sex offender or record con artist, you may want to reconsider taking that next step. Use your good judgment, based on the facts instead of your feelings, to protect yourself from becoming a victim of online dating.