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Don’t Ruin the Relaxing Mood – Know These Important Spa Etiquette Tips



Going to the spa can be a wonderful and relaxing experience that will make you feel healthier, happier, calmer, and more beautiful. You have been working hard and you deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing day of spa treatments every now and then. Spa days in London are when you can retreat to a sanctuary where you will be primped, peeled, massaged, moisturized and treated like royalty for the day.

If you have never been on spa days in London before, you might not be sure how to act. What should you wear? Are you allowed to talk? Can you bring your mobile phone? It is essential to know the proper spa etiquette before you visit the spa because if you are not acting appropriately, you might make the experience less relaxing and enjoyable for the other people around you. If you are committing a significant spa faux pas and annoying everyone else, this will take away from their experience.

Also, being informed on proper etiquette will make your spa days in London more relaxing for you as well. You won’t need to be worrying in your head whether or not you are doing something right, or be shy or nervous. You will know what to expect and how to behave so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself without any awkward or confusing moments.

For the first time spa-goer, here are some essential etiquette tips to keep in mind for your spa days in London:

    • Arrive on time for your treatment. Arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you have time to sign in, take off your shoes, get changed, etc. If your treatment doesn’t start on time, the spa might have to cut it short so that you don’t inconvenience the next guest.
    • Leave the smartphone behind. Sure, you might want to play Angry Birds or read your emails while the deep moisturizing essential oils on your feet dry, but all of the beeping and buzzing sounds will disturb the calm atmosphere of the spa. If your phone rings in a spa and you answer it, you will get dirty looks from everyone else in the room. Besides, switching off from the phone for a while will make your spa days in London more relaxing for you because you can focus on the beautiful sensations of the treatments.
    • Keep quiet. You might be visiting the spa with a friend and like to chat with them, but make sure that your voices are in calm tones so that you don’t disturb the other people who want to relax in peace.
    • Don’t bring anyone else along unless on your spa days in London they are also undergoing a spa treatment. In most spas, only the guests who are receiving treatment will be permitted in the resort, and the friends and family will be required to wait in the reception area.


  • Leave your children with the babysitter during your spa days in London. Unless it is a spa that has stated that it is child-friendly, most spa days in London will be adults only. It’s hard for children to stay quiet and still in the atmosphere of a spa, and their boisterous voices might disturb the other spa guests. Also, if you are too busy worry about what your kids are up to, you will not be able to enjoy your treatments.
  • If you are trying out a new treatment and you aren’t sure of what to do, don’t be afraid to ask the spa technician. For example, if you are having a massage and you aren’t sure whether you should completely disrobe or leave some of your clothes on, it’s much less awkward to ask than to do the wrong thing.
  • If you have special requirements, such as if you have an injury, specific allergies, or you are pregnant, etc. it is polite to let the spa know in advance. They might have to prepare to accommodate you, so don’t spring the info on them at the last moment.
  • Don’t go crazy with the perfume before your spa days in London. Other people might be allergic to it, which will make their relaxing experience not so enjoyable.
  • If you are visiting a spa with your significant other or with your partner, try to refrain from too much public display of affection. Yes, the resort is a romantic place to be, but no one has come there to watch you kissing passionately in the Jacuzzi, and it might make other people uncomfortable. Save it for when you get home.

These are just a few of the most crucial spa etiquette tips that you should know when you are heading out to spa days in London, as knowing the right etiquette will improve your experience as well as everyone else’s.

Before you go on spa days in London, make sure that you are aware of the proper etiquette and behavior for visiting a spa.