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Top 5 Online Dating Pick-up Lines



Traditional pick-up lines don’t translate as well online. It’s impossible to ask a girl if you can buy her a drink from the other side of a computer screen. It can be intimidating to write an email to someone you’ve never seen in person before, and there is a fine line between being flirty and being creepy.

Here are 5 online dating pick-up lines to get you started!

“You sort of look like (someone famous/beautiful) but a lot hotter!” This is complimentary without being threatening. You’re expressing that you find them attractive while still being lighthearted and funny. Plus, who doesn’t like to hear that they look like someone famous, even if it’s just for a good laugh?

“What’s up, I’m….” Sound basic? Yep! Sometimes simple is best. Studies have shown that a simple hello can get you more responses on an online dating site than elaborate pick-up lines.

“I see that you’re a fan of (insert band, movie genre, anything you have in common). I do too! What has been your favorite?” Introductions like this are totally customizable. The key is letting the other person know that you have read their profile in detail and felt a connection. When you read that you have things in common with someone you’re interested in, use it to your benefit. It will instantly bond you and you’ll naturally have things to talk about.

“Ignore any other messages you have. You’ve found the one!” If only there was a sarcasm font, right? This ice breaker is a total joke, and hopefully, the person reading it will get it. If not, it might appear that you are overly confident and cocky, so conversation starters like this might be a bit of a risk. However, if you can make someone laugh in the first sentence you ever say to them chances are they’ll want to keep talking to you, so the rewards far outweigh the risk.

“Let’s go to lunch!” Some people might not appreciate this direct approach, but sometimes skipping all of the emailing back and forth and awkward questions are the best way to go. If you read a profile you really like, there is nothing wrong with wanting to meet up in real life. However, be prepared for the other person to want to move at a slower pace. Many people don’t want to meet up with every person who emails them, and for good reason. If you get a “no” in response, keep trying to get to know them and when they feel comfortable enough, you’ll get your lunch date!