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Create a Stunning Natural Daytime Look



The Essex makeover is spiraling out of control, with bleached hair and orange tans spilling out of the clubs every weekend across the country. While this look has a place at 2 am in a nightclub, it most certainly should not be seen strolling through town at lunchtime. There is quite literally no need to have your bottom cheeks spilling out of a pair of miniature denim hotpants (in spite of what the fash-pack have to say about this current trend) at any time, day or night. When teamed with a pair of 5-inch heels, this makes this the worst kind of day-time look.

Perhaps you love the ‘Getting-Ready’ process, and you feel the need to ply on the fake tan, the fake hair, the false lashes, the fluorescent pink blusher, and pink lippies, but in fact, you can still spend the same time getting ready with a natural result as you do to get the fake look. If you are aiming for the natural look without the long-winded preparation process, then take out the step(s) which do not apply to you and still get a similar result, which is Natural and Beautiful.

The Process For A Natural Day Time Look


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Start by buffing your skin all over. While you’re in the shower washing and conditioning your hair, use a sugar scrub on your body and a gentler exfoliator on your face and neck.


Once towel dried, spritz your hair with a volumizer into the roots, and serum into the length to tame. Then create a side plait. This will leave you with tumbling natural waves once dried. No need for curlers or straighteners. (If you have limited time, blow-dry the pleat to speed up the drying process)


Apply a gradual tan moisturizer all over instead of an instant tan product. For an added summery touch, use one with a hint of gold shimmer.


-Once the tan is completely dry on your face, apply a serum. This smooths out the top layer of skin, as well as, over time, helping to restore its natural moisture.

-Next, use a skin-perfecting balm, which will help reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

-Pat on a layer of translucent powder to stop shine.

-Using a broad blusher brush, brush-on bronzer in a ‘3’ shape, starting at the forehead, on to the cheeks and down to finish at your throat. Add a little extra on to the edges of your cheeks. You should not have made an active bronzer line or a false cheekbone effect. This is to give your face a gentler sunkissed shimmer.

-Using a pale pink blusher, add the color to the apples of your cheeks using your finger. This is a crucial step for everyone as that hint of blush gives you a perfectly healthy, rosy glow, which will give this look the Wow factor.

-Add a little charcoal pencil into the outer, lower lash line and smudge.

-Create a natural ‘tick’ with liquid liner, by following the upper lashes and extending no further out than where your natural lashes stop.

-Add mascara to the outer edges of the lower lash and across the full set of top lashes, brushing outwards to accentuate the tick line.

Finally, add a splash of perfume, and you are ready to go, looking gorgeous and natural without a hint of tangerine tan or a false lash insight.