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The Downsides To Fake Tanning



Sunless tanning can be fast, easy, and very convenient, especially for people living in areas where the sun doesn’t shine all the time. You can easily apply a bronzing cream or lotion on your body or have your skin spray-tanned to boost your confidence and give you that excellent color outlook that sets you apart from the crowd. But then, you don’t think you can enjoy all those benefits without any disadvantages. Of course, every type of tanning has its specific purpose for beauty enhancement, but you should really consider the disadvantages of sunless tanning before you embark on it.

Apart from giving you a natural brownish look, tanning in the sun also delivers plenty of health benefits like the production of vitamin D. This is something you can’t get with sunless tanning. By subjecting yourself to sunless tanning you miss a huge opportunity to boost your health status by giving your body some much-needed vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to a number of diseases including hypertension, rickets, and cancers.

If you care about the health benefits you can derive from tanning then sunless tanning should be on your list of activities. According to medical experts, sunlamps used in tanning beds could lead to skin infections including skin cancer when it is done in excess. This is because the sunlamps produce UV rays which are known to be very harmful to the surface of the skin.

Another disadvantage of sunless tanning has to do with the issue of getting your cloth stained. This is why it is absolutely relevant for you to allow your sunless tanning application to dry off completely before you put on your cloth. Else, you could get your very expensive attires completely damaged just because you want to color your skin. Sunless tanning causes the damaging of your mirror, sink, and parts of your bathroom when they come in contact with the product while you’re applying it.

Also, it is important to wash your hands immediately after your sunless tan application to avoid getting the product in your hand, palm, or under your fingernails. However, if you must make use of sunless tan it is better to consider spray tan because they dry quickly, compared to lotions and gels.

Sunless tanning, especially spray-on, only lasts for a few days after application, which means you will need to do it continuously if you want to have a prolonged skin color. This happens because our natural skin sheds regularly so that the sunless tan on the surface of the skin is eliminated along with the falling dead skin cells. If you’re not perfect enough to do your own sunless tanning yourself you will need to visit your local tanning salon and have a professional do it for you.

This means that you’ll be spending a lot of money to get the tan, but not everybody can afford that kind of service. Also, tanning lotions and gels are expensive and most of them have been manufactured so that they don’t last long. There are some sunless tan products that have been designed to only last for a day, which can lead to serious implications like streaks on your skin – if you don’t apply it properly. This means that you need to spend a lot of time applying the lotions on your skin to get the perfect look.

People suffering from asthma are generally advised to avoid the use of sunless tans like bronzer lotions. This is because they are most likely to breathe the tanning product during the application. In addition to that, there are certain tanning lotions or sprays that are damaging to the eyes if it gets to touch it.