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How To Look Good At The Beach: Your Essential Packing List



Heading to the beach is a great way to relax, soak up the sun, and top up your tan. Perfect beach location? Check. Gorgeous weather? Check (hopefully!). Looking good? With the help of this essential guide, you’ll be able to ‘check’ this too.

This post runs through the top ways to look your best while relaxing beachside in 2013 including fashion trends, stylish accessories, and everything you’ll need to achieve perfection for the trip and the way you look.

Not-So-Big Beach Bag

Just because you’ve got plenty to bring along to the beach (towels, magazines, and books, combs, makeup, etc.), it doesn’t mean you’ve also got to lug around a cumbersome and ugly looking bag around with you. A beach bag is a perfect opportunity to show off something that complements the rest of your outfit, like your swimwear and cover-ups.

You need something big enough for all your stuff, but not so big that it looks like you should be dragging it around on wheels; beach bags are still big in 2013, but they’re smaller than they’ve been in previous years. Eye-catching prints are very in, much like they are on bikinis and swimwear, so pick something that matches your outfit or swimsuit – more on those later!

This Season’s Sunglasses

Now, when I say ‘this season’ I’m not referring to the weather – I’m talking about fashion trends. Don’t think your old sunglasses that have been knocking around your underwear drawer for years are still a safe bet – you need to ditch your old sunnies in favor of something a little more cutting edge. Geometric frames, for example, are one of 2013’s biggest hits with stars like Rihanna bringing them into the public eye and onto her own. Eyes that is.

Well-defined shapes are the sunglass stars this season, so choose something sporting square, hexagonal or circular frames and you can’t go wrong. You can also think of choosing bold, bright colors to complement your outfit too!

Plenty Of Suncream!

Without wanting to sound like a nagging mother telling you to ‘protect yourself from the sun’, burnt is definitely not a good look. Peeling skin, a lobster-red complexion, and obvious tan lines are not good looks. Tanning is fine, and a great way to relax at the beach, but protection is important too.

There are plenty of modern creams and sprays that absorb really well into the skin and avoid those annoying white marks or greasy looks that put people off slapping it on. Pack a generous bottle of SPF30, minimum, cream, or spray to keep yourself from cooking.

Stylish Beachwear

Just like how you wouldn’t go out from day to day wearing poorly planned outfits, you won’t achieve the goal of looking good and stylish at the beach by just slapping on the first piece of swimwear you can find. Beachwear is affected by the changes in trends just as much as any other item of clothing and 2013 has some fantastic looking styles for you to slip into.

Eye-catching prints are a must this year with everything from multi-colored zig-zag patterns to animal prints set to fly off the shelves. It’s not all about the bikini, either, with one-piece swimsuits making a return to bring some variety and style to what has often been a less popular swimwear choice.