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Changing Trends of Dieting in 2012



Fitness freaks are taking a U-turn from achieving size zero figures to attain fit but curvaceous frames. People are no more interested in starving and depending solely on orange and lemonade diets to achieve the desired body type. They have realized the importance of healthy and sufficient eating and are consequently switching to such diet plans that are not only filling and nutritious but also effective in helping them lose the superfluous fat.

Exercising is an evergreen trend and it continues to hit the fitness chart in 2012 also. Besides, people are being advised to walk a lot and include cardio activities in their daily routine to stay fit and healthy. The following are some of the food habits that must be checked to achieve a healthy figure and stay away from health troubles.

Sugar is a big no-no: People who want to achieve lean figures are advised to abstain from sugar. Honey and sugar-free cubes are very much in demand and weight loss aspirants are asked to cut down on sugar intake to get the dream figure. Iced lemon tea and caffeine-less drinks are new favorites among the health-conscious people. Besides honey, jaggery based syrups are being used to make sweets and bakery items to entice customers who have a sweet tooth but do not want to have bloated figures.

Protein-rich Diets are recommended a Lot: Sprouts, beans, and whole-grain items are included in the diets meant for losing weight. Those who want to lose a couple of pounds in a few weeks are advised to have 2-3 servings of protein-rich salad in their diet. Such foods are not only filling but also are able to cut down the requirement of eating regularly. Eating less but rich food at longer gaps is proving to be quite effective in losing weight and regulating the blood sugar level. People are also advised to eat smaller portions of meals to improve digestion.

Chicken is being replaced with Fish and Sea Food: Chicken is supposed to be rich in fat and this is held responsible for heart diseases and other obesity-related ailments. Therefore, diet experts have started giving preference to fish, prawns, and crabs that are rich sources of protein and essential vitamins. Chicken, however in soup form is not supposed to cause much harm. Fried and buttered chicken is seen as the main culprit responsible for bulging bellies. Again, you should not be consuming a lot of seafood on a regular basis as its effect may be experienced in the form of skin allergies. If you are able to get hold of freshwater prawns, fishes or crabs, they are very much suitable to your skin and rich in protein at the same time. People having vegetarian choices of food are recommended to use of beans and soya chunks based dishes in the normal diet.

Gluten-free Food Products are hitting the Stands: Most of the packed foods are rich in gluten that is supposed to cause intestinal diseases like colitis. Therefore, people who are used to consuming packed foods are advised to look for the gluten-free label before buying the product. Gluten is also believed to be harmful for the fetus and lactating mothers and is supposed to interfere with the normal functioning of the brain. Therefore, a diet rich in gluten is discarded by health-conscious people.

In short, the idea is not to stick to a particular diet for a specific period only and bask in the glory for just a few weeks. The latest dieting pattern is to adopt a healthy eating style forever which would be instrumental in saying goodbye to heart diseases and obesity.