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The Trendy Delivery



The last thing most pregnant women want to worry about is trying to look good when giving birth. Labor and delivery are probably the two hardest things a woman can ever go through. She’s dripping sweat, screaming in agony, and trying to push a baby into the world. It doesn’t get much harder than that. However, some ladies just cannot bear the idea of being exposed, in more ways than one, to the whole world.

These are the women who always have to have make-up on before leaving the house, wear high heels with every outfit, and dress to the nine’s for a peewee soccer game. These ladies will do whatever it takes to look great, even during the birthing process.


One of the craziest things women do is choosing to wear make-up during the delivery of their baby. What in the world does this accomplish exactly? No one may ever know. For the mother, it could make her feel like she isn’t as exposed. Maybe she is not the most comfortable in her own skin and she feels make-up can help hide her insecurities. Whatever the case, wearing make-up seems a little bit senseless to most. This is mainly because, by the end of the whole process, which can take hours or days on end, all the glitter and foundation will be long gone.

The mascara will run all over the place for sure, especially when mom meets her new baby for the first time and cries her eyes out. However, for some reason, these ladies just can’t go without it.

Hair and Nails Done

Many women will even go to the extent of getting their hair and nails done before going into labor. Once again, the artificial beauty might make them feel more confident or pretty while giving birth but, really, that should not even be the focus. No one is going to notice that blonde curled hair when it’s drenched in sweat, and no one will care about those long nails, except the husband whose arm might suffer some large scratches from all her pain. This kind of craziness just seems a little too much. Luckily, there are some reasonable fashion fixes to help the mom feel a little better about looking so rough on her delivery day.

Trendy Gown

Having a trendy maternity gown is one example of a good way to stay stylish without going overboard with useless things. Money spent on make-up, hair, and nails that will all definitely be ruined by the end of the day is basically just money down the drain. However, choosing to buy a cute delivery gown is something that might be a reasonable decision (if one has to look good while birthing a baby, that is).

Trendy maternity gowns are something that the woman can wear on delivery day and feel good in as well as can be kept as a keepsake for a hope chest or something like that down the road. She could also use it again if she ever had another baby. It is not something that will just wash off or prove pointless like the other things mentioned above.

Trying to keep that feminine beauty while suffering through the most intense pain of one’s life is not an easy thing to do. In fact, most women don’t even bother. However, for those stubborn ladies who absolutely must look great while birthing their babies, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it, for sure. Just remember, make-up, hair, and nails will fade but a trendy maternity gown or something similar will last a lifetime and bring up some wonderful memories down the road.