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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Testosterone Boosters



If your brain still thinks you are a 20-year-old but your body is telling you otherwise, it might be time to take a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

Not to be confused with prescription medication or steroids, natural testosterone can provide a whole range of different benefits without the nasty side effects.

If you have never thought about taking a natural testosterone product, here’s the low-down on what you need to know.

Why take them?

As you get older, many things slow down and this can include testosterone production. And as testosterone drops, the sensitive balance with estrogen can change leading to a drop in libido, mood, and energy. And if that doesn’t sound bad enough, muscle cell regeneration also reduces and fat increases, leading to the loss of the honed, sculpted look you have worked so hard to achieve,

There is no reason why getting older has to mean you no longer have a body to be proud of, but continuing to slog away with little improvement will feel like an uphill battle if you are low on testosterone.

Starting to take natural testosterone can reverse these changes and spring the power back into your workouts. By increasing your virility, restoring your libido, mood, and va-va-voom, testosterone can provide the missing ingredient to help you continue to train and enjoy showing off a six-pack to die for.

The natural choice

Synthetic testosterone has a very different effect on the body to the natural version and has the potential to make everything much worse.

Unlike natural testosterone, synthetic testosterone can actually slow down the body’s own production leaving you even more dependent on medication to maintain your testosterone levels. Perversely it can even make you feel more fatigued and reduce your libido further still, two unpleasant side effects which are part of the reason for taking a testosterone supplement in the first place.

Reputable natural testosterone supplements will contain no plant or animal synthetic ingredients. Some of the types of active testosterone boosting ingredients you might find include fenugreek, long jack, horny goat weed, and the well-established Tribulus. But the supplement should also contain substances to help control the balance of estrogens such as 6-Bromo, white button mushroom, ATD, and I-3-C. 

What you can expect

Taking a natural testosterone supplement will immediately start to increase your energy levels, and kick-start your libido. If you have been suffering from a low mood or lack of motivation, this should also start to improve.

Testosterone is one of the main things which give men their ‘get up and go’ and if you are lacking in testosterone, finding the inclination, interest, and energy to focus can be really difficult. A natural testosterone supplement can help you rediscover your zing and put the bounce back into your step….or the grrr back into your workout.

On a physical level, natural testosterone acts as an anabolic and allows your muscles to take up more protein which in turn promotes quicker recovery and greater muscle growth. You will also notice you have a lot more power and strength during your workouts. As testosterone is a natural fat burner, it will be much easier to shed any excess pounds – just like when you were younger and your testosterone levels were at their peak.

Finally, you will also find that you have a lot more stamina – both in the gym and in the bedroom.

Other steps you can take

Of course, there are other ways you can help to boost natural testosterone levels, along with taking a supplement.

Sleep has a very significant effect on testosterone production and not getting enough can cause levels to drop by as much as 40%. Lack of sex and too much alcohol or stress can all also play a role so it’s a good idea to consider your overall lifestyle if your testosterone levels are lower than ideal.

Some foods can also help, notably those which contain zinc such as poultry, red meat, oysters, beans, nuts, and whole grains. Upping your intake of B6 and magnesium will help the zinc be absorbed by your body.

Doing what you can with your lifestyle and diet, together with taking a natural testosterone supplement could provide you with a whole new lease of life.


It’s very easy to put up with feeling less than great as you get older but there’s no reason this has to be the case. Help your body to help itself by taking a natural testosterone supplement. This pumps no artificial hormones or steroids into your body but instead encourages your body to increase the amount it is supplying – quite literally allowing you to take a step back in time and enjoy all the benefits of your younger days…