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Turn that Frown Upside Down – How to Bounce Back from Anything



It’s inevitable; it always happens when you are going along in life and things are flowing really smoothly. Perhaps you got the promotion that you’ve been waiting for, maybe one of your big dreams comes true, or maybe you recently met “the one.” Whatever is happening in your life, you feel pretty good, nothing can stop you and then seemingly out of nowhere a flattie, a broken arm, bank fraud, divorce disease, one drama turns into a larger travesty. And all of a sudden an epic horrible day sets in. Within an instant, your euphoric happiness has turned into complete crappiness.

This recently happened to me it was more than just waking up on the wrong side of the bed it was a day most could consider an epic of a horrible day. When crap hits the fan there is a way out.

These tips can help you turn any crappy day into a happier day.

Recognize that it is Just a Moment in Time

My mantra for my bad days becomes “this too shall pass.” In the moments of complete chaos and utter desperation, we tend to think and feel as if the world is ending. Everything becomes more dramatic and more intense. By staying in this vibration of dramatic emotions it makes it harder to work through them.

Instead, I focus on the moment and say and understand that this is just a moment in time and soon, maybe even tomorrow it will no longer be an issue.  Also, ask yourself will this matter a year from now? Will this be an issue tomorrow, next week, next month, or in a yea? Most likely the answers no, and then you can feel better knowing it will soon end.

Freak out

It is completely okay to freak out and allow yourself to have a meltdown. On my crappy days, I cry almost every hour as a release and push through the emotions. Then I am more grounded and focused. I move onto the next problem and work on solving it. Many of us hold on to our emotions because we want to feel as if we have it under control but this actually makes the situation worse.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions at the moment such as frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, and even rage. Avoid turning to food, drugs alcohol, or any other numbing device. The faster you can feel your feelings the faster you can work through a tough time.

Working through the emotions and giving yourself a moment to break down will help you feel better.

Be Kind to Yourself

Bad days can be epic days forego flare-ups and emotional trauma. During the bad times, it is especially important to put your health first and be kind to yourself. Choose loving positive thoughts and treat yourself compassionately.

If you don’t have time to work out or you didn’t eat as well as you wanted to this is not the time to beat yourself up, this will actually escalate and make the crappy day into an even larger problem. Instead, just be in the moment and kindly treat yourself with respect and compassion. Do something nice for yourself, take a hot bath, call a BFF and talk it out, pet a furry pal, or listen to your favorite music.


When you feel down, smile and you can feel better. Simple fake it until you make it.