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5 Health Tips to Help You Through Tough Times



If you are preparing for the holidays, you may be thinking about ways to stay on budget. Magazines, newspapers, and tabloids are sharing tips on how to tighten the belt strap and save more money. Saving money can help you feel more confident in your buying decisions and give you more peace of mind. Recognize the value of spending less and giving more. Here are tips to help you through the tough times.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Want

Go to your closet and clean out the clutter. Chances are there are outfits you haven’t worn in years. Keeping extra “stuff” around adds to the mental and physical chaos. You can distress and decompress by donating your own old clothes to charity. This is the season of giving and when you give you feel better. You can make a big impact on your community and your own well being by stripping down and clearing out.

Recycle What You Have

This the season to be creative. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe look at what you currently have and recycle old items such as, jewels, beads, and emblems. You can sew them onto your shirts to make a completely new look. Mix and match for a brand new style. You will feel like a new person.

Commit to Your Health

Commit to brushing your teeth and flossing every day. Commit to yourself and your own personal health, then enroll your entire family.
When you take care of yourself you feel better.

Cut Back on Daily Habits

Maybe you have a daily habit of going to Starbucks or eating out for lunch every day. If this is what you do you can save a lot of money by cutting back on these little habits? To start, reduce your latte loving to 3 times a week, and then move it to once a week. Or you could make your lunch at home.

Smile More

Smiling is easy to do and can instantly upgrade your mood. If you feel down and out, simply smile and you will feel better soon enough. Sometimes people don’t like to smile because of their teeth, they may feel insecure. If you relate to this you can visit your dentist. They are there to help you feel better in your own skin and have a healthy and happy smile. When times are tough you can relax and smile and know that everything will be all right.