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6 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone Levels In Your Body



6 warning signs of low testosterone levels in your body

Testosterone, a vital hormone produced by the testicles of men is essential for stimulating the muscle and bone mass in the body as well as for the sperm production. Not only this, but men’s physical, mental and emotional health is highly dependent on the adequate levels of testosterone in the body. Thus, the deficiency of testosterone can cause serious health issues apart from a breakdown in the bodily functions. This decline can manifest some seemingly unrelated ailments such as heart diseases, back pain, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, depression and many more.

So, it’s important to ensure that your body is producing adequate quantity of testosterone, and if it’s not, you can consider the testosterone therapy clinics for taking its supplements.

Warning Signs of Low Testosterone Levels In Your Body

The lower testosterone levels in the body can become the cause of several health issues and that’s why it’s vital to identify the warning signs indicating that the testosterone levels are decreasing in your body. Here are top indications of low testosterone levels in your body.

Physical Changes

Some physical changes such as increased body fat, increased fatigue, hot flashes, decreased body hair and the effects on the cholesterol metabolism are some of the visible physical changes which indicate that your testosterone levels might be decreasing.

Emotional Changes

Testosterone is one of the hormones which affect emotional regulation and depression is one of the biggest warning signs of lower levels of this vital hormone. The other emotional signs of lower testosterone include increased anger, irritability and loss of patience. Most of the people, when struggling with lower testosterone often experience increase in anger and agitation.

Mental Changes

Brain fog and memory problems are also the indicators of emotional changes that might be occurring in your body due to lower testosterone levels.

Sleep Disturbances

The lower testosterone levels can cause insomnia and several other changes in the regular sleep patterns. So, if you are facing troubles in sleeping or are not able to sleep for longer hours, you must get your testosterone levels checked.

Erectile Dysfunction

Reduced sex drive and occurrence of erectile dysfunction are among the most common warning signs of the lower testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a significant role in stimulating the sex drive in men, and thus, when it decreases people start experiencing decline in the sex drive. The inability in developing and maintaining an erection, and decrease in libido indicate that your testosterone levels might be lower down.

Lack of Energy

When you start feeling lack of energy all the time, and feel tired even in the mornings, it implies that you are suffering from fatigue which may be the result of lower testosterone levels. If you have been undergoing constant back pain along with the lack of energy, you must consider getting your testosterone levels checked.

While testosterone is produced naturally by the body, but if natural testosterone levels decrease, its supplements can be used.