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4 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Skin and Nails Beautiful



Beautiful skin is something we all strive for. We want smooth, flawless complexion with a beautiful, even tone, and just the right amount of healthy glow. While perfect skin might be nearly impossible to obtain, short of airbrushing yourself, there are ways to improve the look of your skin each day. Several mobile apps can help you achieve healthy skin through education and problem identification.

Healthy Skin

People face a lot of different skin issues, from acne to dry skin. Even when we aren’t expecting perfection, it’s nice to be able to remedy skin problems to the degree that you feel good about yourself again. The Healthy Skin app, designed by dermatologists, educates people on a wealth of potential skin problems. Users can look up information to self-diagnose and treat skin problems. The app will also remind you of the importance of scheduling doctor appointments to check our skin for cancers or other serious skin ailments in their early stages.

Most people are already aware of the importance of drinking at least eight cups of water each day to maintain good skin and nail health. However, knowing and doing can be two separate items. The Water Your Body app offers friendly reminders to drink up. Users can input their weight, and the app will determine exactly the appropriate amount of water they should drink each day. Enter each cup you drink, and the app will keep track of how much more your body needs. Users are super satisfied with the app’s reminders to drink, finding them useful yet not annoying.

The HKKMs Skin Care Guide is a virtual encyclopedia on skin health. Users can look up information on a wealth of skincare topics. Use the app to educate yourself on a specific problem you or a family member are facing or arm yourself with information on how to keep your skin looking and feeling top-notch. Some users find the print a bit too small and delicate to read while others are 100 percent satisfied with this app.

Created by two emergency room physicians, iTriage provides a visit to the doctor without enduring an hour-long wait in an overcrowded waiting room. Look up specific symptoms to help self-diagnose and determine if you need to visit a doctor in-person or if you can take care of the problem yourself.

iTriage also provides a host of helpful features for select hospitals and doctors’ offices like pre-registration from your phone and average wait time data. You can also save all of your medical history information in one easily accessible spot. Once you determine your health issue, the app will give you a list of nearby doctors and let you schedule an appointment electronically at select locations. Users are pleased with the app’s ability to help them narrow down the possibilities while in situations or areas where a doctor is not an option.