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Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation



Breast implants

Let’s face it there are very few women who are happy with their breasts and for various reasons. Some are too big, some too small, some misshaped due to children and weight gain wearing them down, the list of reasons goes on forever. For this reason, many women are now seeking breast augmentation to restore or improve their breasts. If you are among the many women who are not feeling good about them and feel a reshaping of the breast will work wonders, breast augmentation may be something to look into.

Women want to feel good. They want to feel that they look as good as they once did and having a sagging, out of shape breast reveals that time has gone by and they no longer look as attractive as they once did.

Here are some benefits in having breast augmentation surgery for common problems associated with your breasts:

  • Too Large – For a person who is trying to increase their size this would be a welcome dilemma. But to those of you who are well endowed, you know all too well the problems that come with larger breasts. Backaches are a huge complaint. Having to wear the support bras and still spilling over can irritate the back. Large breasts are heavy and as you get older and gravity takes over this can harm your posture. There is also a self-conscious person. When your breasts are too large a person can feel disproportioned. Clothes do not fit right either.
  • Too Small – This is a real problem for women and their appearance. Many women feel that they are less of a woman than their friends due to their lack of bust line. Bathing suits and shirts make them feel self- conscious about their appearance.
  • Post Pregnancy – Women who gained a lot in their bust line and then lose it after the baby have a tendency to sag and have stretch marks. For a young mother, it is often enough to bring on post-partum depression. The other side is that if you have decided to breastfeed you may find that your breasts will suffer after and sag as well. Having a baby is rough on the breasts and many women lose the shape they had prior to pregnancy.
  • Asymmetrical Breasts – This is not as uncommon as you may imagine. Many women have one breast that is larger than the other. Underclothing you would never notice but for those intimate nights, it can be a real scare for a woman to reveal to a lover that she is different.
  • Weight Loss – Many women who have put on weight have also gained excessive weight in their breasts. Once they start to lose weight their breast begins to sag and change their shape as they too are losing weight. In addition, the weight gain and subsequent loss can cause ugly stretch marks to develop.
  • Breast Cancer – As if having and surviving cancer was not enough, the after-effects that a woman goes through are tremendous. Having to look in the mirror at a breast that has been all but removed can damage a woman’s self-esteem quickly. They feel less of a woman than ever before. Breast augmentation surgery in the form of an implant may be just what they need to boost up self-esteem.

While there are many reasons that a woman may decide to have breast augmentation, all surgeries should be taken seriously. Surgery is complicated and should only be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Always consult with the surgeon first to learn about your options and the procedure before signing on for surgery.

The good news is that breast augmentation has advanced technologically and in procedures over the years. Nearly any problem that you feel you have with the size or shape of your breast can be corrected. Most procedures are done in a single day and the recovery time is limited. If you feel that you can look and feel better about yourself if your breasts were different then you should check with a surgeon and weigh your options. Only a surgeon can tell you what to expect for your situation, then it is up to you to decide whether having breast augmentation is right for you.