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Why Women Gain Weight During Menopause?



Why women gain weight during menopause?

Notably, most women have the issue of being overweight during the period of menopause. While hormonal factors may be the major cause of the change, lifestyle options play a huge portion in weight gain. Therefore, even with the several changes, women experience during menopause, the essence of proper and healthy living is advised. It assists in reducing several risks. High blood pressure may be higher among women in the menopause stage. Its primary cause is the weight gain. Other conditions in the same category include heart issues and diabetes. Risks of suffering the named conditions are higher in women who are already overweight even as they get to the menopause stage. Several women may get confused about the causes of their weight gain.

The Impact of Estrogen

Reportedly, several studies have indicated the role of estrogen in the process of weight control among women.  With less of the hormone, it is likely that women will eat more and remain physically inactive or less active.  The reduced hormone rate may also be a cause of reduced metabolic rate. Clearly, with the reduced metabolism rate, the consequence is weight gain. Notably, women during the stage of menopause suffer a reduction in the amounts of estrogen in the blood. As this happens, weight control gets difficult due to a reduced rate of the conversion of stored fats into working energy.  Hormone therapy may be a major remedy in reducing and slowing weight gain during the stage. While the reduced hormone level contributes majorly to the weight gain, other factors are linked to the same.

Physical Inactivity

Reportedly, at the ages of menopause, it is more likely that most women do not work out or exercise.  As age increases, one is likely to have less attention to exercise. As a result, weight gain is very likely.  Getting involved in even the basic and simplest exercises can help in reducing the risks of women getting overweight in the menopause duration.  With an increase in age, maintaining a level of physical activities is essential and critical.

Muscle Mass Loss Causes Lower Metabolism

As mentioned, lower metabolic rates will lead to weight gain. With the lower rates of the process, weight control becomes difficult, especially for women in this stage. Even worse, the weight gain is encouraged by the fact that there is physical inactivity.  At this period, most women tend to suffer reduced muscle mass. Consequently, the rate of the metabolism process goes down.

Difficulty in Weight Loss

Most women may have set fitness and weight loss goals even at the age of menopause. However, they may suffer disappointments. The speed of the body goes down when undertaking several activities including exercise. This implies that one can lose a small amount of weight even with an increase in the intensity of physical activities. The fact may cause disappointments, and some give up. In the process, weight gain continues.

Stress and Overeating

Most women may have stress and even depression at the stage of menopause. Some find the period, stressing and disappointing. Some even have lower self-esteem and confidence. Due to the several changes and side effects of the period, the time can be stressful.  With the increase in stress levels, some women may respond by overeating to try and curb stress. This works negatively for the body weight. It is critical to maintaining the intake of a diet that is healthy even under stressful conditions. Best menopause supplements may also assist.

Unhealthy Dieting

On the stage, it is likely that most individuals fail to watch diet choices they make. Most women focus on the changes and stress associated with the menopause period. In the process, they may take too many calories and thus be victims of overweight.

Exercising is a major way of reducing weight gain during this period. Even if it may be difficult, it is better to remain physically active. Getting more active with an increase in age reduces the probability of suffering weight gain and related conditions. Another method is proper dieting. Having healthier foods on the table at every meal helps. Besides, healthy and proper methods of dealing with stress need to be used. Some supplements may be essential also.


In a nutshell, it is likely that women suffer weight gain at the menopause stage. However, there are some ways and tips on reducing and slowing the weight gain. Whereas some of the causes of the weight gain are natural and, therefore, unavoidable, there are some that are controllable. There are several reasons why women gain weight during menopause, and they include the fact that there are hormonal alterations that take place when going through this period.

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