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Eating Fresh: How You Cheating With Your Abs?



Eating fresh – well, it’s a very common term being used to define the best ways to stay healthy. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits help in keeping the body healthy and prevents germs from growing in the body. There are plenty of magazines, television shows, as well as newspaper columns that discuss the benefits of eating fresh. Now, there is no problem with eating fresh. But, some people are of opinion that eating fresh may not be the grandest idea of all as far body slimming process is concerned. Well, every topic has its share of controversy.

Let’s begin with a question: What exactly is Clean Eating or Eating Fresh?

The answer to this question can differ from one person to another. Everyone has his/her own sets of the theory that allows them to come to some distinctive conclusion. There are some people who are of the belief that fresh oranges should not be taken as they contain excess amounts of sugar. At the same time, these same groups of people might feel that the intake of a piece or two of this fruit is totally okay irrespective of the amount of sucrose and fructose content.

Then again, there are those types of people who are of opinion that whole grain foods are clean enough to consume fresh. Again, when it comes to white bread, they try to stay away from consuming those as they feel they are highly infected and unhealthy. quite peculiar, isn’t it? Whole grains definitely contain some nutrients but that doesn’t mean they are free from all sorts of impurities.

Finally, there is those type of people who label all those foods that contain some sort of chemical preservatives, as totally unsafe. But, is it really unsafe to consume foods that contain some sort of chemical preservatives? No, not at all! In fact, most of the foods contain preservatives to prevent them from deteriorating on quality. Yes, consuming junk foods on a regular basis is not recommended but once in a while, it can be consumed. Fitness freaks need to follow a diet filled with protein-rich shakes, dairy products, fruits, and supplements. Food dietary supplements are not fresh food, as one can say. But they are essential to cut off the flab from the body.

It is not always about eating fresh. What matters most is following the right diet in correct portions. Chemical and artificial food preservatives are common these days. The human body is well accustomed to these preservative based foods. So there is no harm in consuming foods containing artificial preservatives. At the same time, it can be really harmful to consuming totally fresh vegetables picked from the farm. Vegetables contain dirt and pollen. So, they need to be washed properly before consuming them.

Always remember, those people who strictly adhere to clean-eating principles, it definitely creates a negative repercussion on the social lives and attitude towards food. For some particular group, much steeper consequences might follow. Those who are much obsessed with absolute-clean eating & maintaining some specific meal timing can well be responsible for dysfunctional eating. No, clean eating is not bad at all, but following it strictly with certain myths can lead to a serious eating disorder.

What matters most is maintaining proper hygiene. Proper cooking of the food, washing hands before eating, a clean and healthy environment for cooking and eating the meal, etc. are some basic things to practice. But these practices have nothing to do with fresh eating.

Is there any relationship between eating fresh with chiseled abs?

Eating has definitely something to do with getting chiseled shaped abs. But that does not signify the fact of fresh food eating. To get a flat stomach, one needs to follow a fat-free diet. At the same time, plenty of cardiovascular exercises and weight-training are required. A healthy diet is essential. Skipping the meals will never lead to a fit and fat-free body. Those who skip meals tend to develop more cravings for junk food items. The end result: all the workout efforts go in vain!

A fitness junkie can call pizza to be a dirty source of eating while at the same time, shredded chicken, onions, tomatoes, and cheese are considered a fresh and clean source of eating. Now, a pizza mostly comprises of these items. Fitness junkies may not find pizza a very healthy eating option, but they can easily create a delicious meal using all the above-mentioned ingredients. This is a sort of cheating on the clean eating habits. But, then, as long the body takes and responds well, what’s wrong in consuming?