The Secret to Achieving a Flat Stomach

When it comes to body hang ups, a flabby stomach is up there with bingo wings and big behinds. Whilst embracing a natural body shape is a wonderful thing, sometimes we just want to achieve a slightly more svelte appearance, especially when it comes to tummies. If you think that achieving a flat stomach is out of the question, it’s time to read on and discover that this is simply not the case!

Avoid Foods Known to Cause Bloating

There are a few food culprits known to cause a bloated stomach, so if you are planning to wear something tighter in the evening it’s a good idea to stick away from them. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and asparagus together with dairy products and fizzy drinks will all encourage a rounded tum.

Maintain a Low Fat Diet

Essentially it doesn’t matter how extensive your fitness regime is, if you indulge in a high calorie diet your rock hard abs will be hidden under a layer of fat. Make sensible choices with your meals and opt for low fat snacks such as crackers and cottage cheese.

Kick up Your Cardio

To help reduce body fat and ensure your hard work is visible, ensure a good cardio workout is incorporated into your fitness routine. As energy levels are at their highest at the start of the a workout, begin with you crunches so that the focus of your energy is on your abs as after this you can reward yourself with a less intense run on the treadmill or cycle on the exercise bike.

Crunch Time

Let’s face it, endless sit ups are monotonous and hard work to say the least which can lead to many dropping out after a week or so. A great way to keep momentum going is to mix things up on a day to day basis; there are a variety of different exercises you can do to encourage a flatter stomach and online videos are a fantastic way to discover a range of new techniques to keep your routines fresh.

Stand Up Straight!

One of the easiest ways to achieve a flatter stomach is to make a conscious effort to improve your posture. Those who sit down for most of the day will often find themselves slouching; this can be improved by simply getting up once every half an hour and moving around for a few minutes. A better posture creates a much better body shape as it naturally pulls the stomach in and makes you appear leaner and taller.

By eating sensibly, avoiding foods that bloat you, increasing your cardio and crunches together with working on your posture, you can achieve a flatter stomach in a matter of weeks.

Sophie has been on a mission to achieve a flatter stomach before her holiday next month and has been training hard at a gym in Cheltenham to increase her cardio as well as doing crunches at home.

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