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What Is The Cause Of My Neck Pain?



Have you ever woken up in the morning with an ache or soreness in your neck that wasn’t there before? The thing about neck and shoulder soreness is that it doesn’t have to result from an injury. There are many things that could cause the symptom to show up which you may never have considered. There are many illnesses – such as meningitis and the flu – that could contribute to soreness in the neck area. However, if you do not feel your issue can be attributed to these types of illnesses, here are a few things that might be the root of the “pain in the neck” soreness.

Pillow Height

Everyone has their different comfort levels when it comes to the pillow they sleep on. Some people find it most comfortable to sleep on several pillows, while others prefer no pillow at all. If you have too much or too little elevation from your pillow, the weight of your head could put a strain on your neck while you sleep. It’s best to find a neck pain specialist near you and ask what the best pillow for your body type and preferred sleeping position is. Otherwise, this strain could lead to other issues, like spine curvature problems, headaches, and a lack of concentration on the important parts of your life.

Muscle Usage

It’s easy to pull muscles in your neck when you don’t even think you’re using them. Exercise-related neck strain can mostly be attributed to heavy lifting, but it can also be caused by physical activities such as running, biking, and rowing. A typical pulled neck muscle will heal on its own, but visiting a massage therapist to help reduce the discomfort and speed up the healing process is highly recommended.


It’s true — simply being stressed out can cause tension in the head and neck. Whether you’ve been focusing intensely on a task, staring at your computer too long, or just lying awake at night worrying about something, it inadvertently causes you to tense up your head, neck, and back muscles which could lead to chronic pain. If this sounds like your situation, you could also benefit from seeing a massage therapist. Not only will it loosen up your neck muscles, but it will also reduce your stress levels.

If your discomfort persists, don’t continue trying to self-medicate. Visiting a neck pain specialist in your New Jersey area is always the best bet, as they can help you get to the root of the cause — and there are many possibilities when it comes to neck tension. In any case, for your health, always try to partake in activities that help you to blow off stress and be sure to warm up and practice good form when exercising.