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Neck Lifts Help with the Aging Process



Turkey Gobbler
If the prominent neck bands on a person’s neck become weak this could cause the muscle to drape down from the chin causing significant sagging. This is a condition often referred to as “Turkey Gobbler.” This can be easily corrected with surgery. During the procedure, a surgeon will make an incision behind the ear, remove the fat there, and then either shorten or tighten the platysma muscles.

Poor Neck Angle Definition
There are people who develop a poor definition of their neck’s angle as they age. People with this situation will have a neck angle that seems to go from their chin to the upper section of their chest. To the casual observer, it appears as people suffering this condition have no neck. The most effective method used to treat this is to apply liposuction to the jawline and midline neck region. The fat that remains will be removed with the use of a small incision made under the person’s chin. The muscle will be tightened and left in a lifted position. This will provide the neck area with the angle definition it did not have prior to surgery.

Heavy Neck
Some people will develop a heavy neck as they age. This happens when a person develops a mass that covers their entire neck angle and gives it the appearance of being heavy. The surgery used to correct this condition is much like the procedure used to correct a person’s neck angle. The main difference is that more fat is removed during the surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery Benefits
It may not matter why a person has problems with the skin around their neck. Neck surgery is able to provide people with a chance to feel better physically as well as look years younger. These types of positive changes have been shown to help a person’s mental health by improving their self-confidence and low self-esteem.

A neck lift is something that should only be performed on healthy people who are experiencing neck issues due to the normal aging process. Since everyone is unique there is no one set standard that fits everyone. Many surgeons believe the best time for a person to have neck lift surgery is when they are between the ages of 45 and 55.

Houston plastic surgeons know that as a person gets older the effects of aging will become evident in the neck region. The muscles in the neck area will loosen, and the lack of tone around the neck will cause the skin to hang loosely.