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Make The Right Choice On Your Next Vitamin Store Visit



We all know that a healthy, balanced diet is the primary way to achieve weight loss goals, regain energy, become de-stressed, and have an overall flourishing life. However, sometimes we just can’t find time in our busy schedules to always have a nutritious meal or our bodies just simply need help acquiring all the vitamins and nutrients they demand to function at full capacity. In this case, when used along with wholesome foods, vitamin supplements can benefit many people.

Taking a trip down to the local vitamin store can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Even though you may think all vitamins are good for you, it is still essential to know exactly what you’re ingesting, and your vitamin store staff can help you examine what’s required to make up for what your body seems to be lacking, as well as explain the different types and advantages of vitamins.


Vitamin stores will probably encourage you to go the organic route in choosing your supplements, but it isn’t just because they’ll make more money.  Products featuring a USDA organic label assures that you are getting vitamins that have not been manufactured or treated with chemicals of any kind. They are digested and distributed into the body quickly and more effectively than other types of vitamins and will not contain any unnatural ingredients since they come straight from the food source. With the price of organic vitamins being noticeably higher, you may consider selecting a multivitamin to minimize the amount of your purchase.


Don’t confuse natural with organic. Vitamins labeled as having natural ingredients can have as little as 10 percent of those elements, with the rest being artificial. Natural vitamins are often a concentrated version of what was taken from an organic source. Being able to read labels and know the variations in ingredients for chemically-created food vitamins is the best way to determine the difference.


Synthetic vitamins are commonplace and make up many of the choices in vitamin stores today. These vitamins imitate supplements in their natural configuration and are made in labs with chemicals, which are much harder for our bodies to break down and actually use.

Vitamins in this form can actually be dangerous to our health if the appropriate amount of dosage isn’t being absorbed and can end up sitting in undesirable places. The advantage of synthetic vitamins is the abundance of sources they come from and the reduced cost it takes in creating them, making them a reasonable option for those who don’t have the money to exhaust on more natural vitamins.

Vitamins that come directly from the food source are always the best option to accomplishing a life full of health and vibrancy, but if your everyday hustle and bustle or poor diet don’t allow for your body to take in all its nutrients naturally, your health professional can direct you to a vitamin store that is sure to offer the proper dietary supplement.