Top 5 Energy Boosters in Stores Today!

 Feeling tired? Get Energised

In a world where everything is always ON and 24/7/365 access to everything is in the horizon, and the average cup of ‘java’ is just not good enough – we’ve become a rather tired species. Being constantly chained to our iPads, BlackBerrys, social sites and shopping malls is having a negative impact on how we function these days. So, with the turn of the century and just as popular as other drugs in the market – emerged the energy booster – a small, usually pleasant tasting pill that is said to give us just enough energy to get us through.

But how are we to differentiate between what really works and what’s a placebo? I’ve compiled and informed list of the best energy boosters on the market today to make getting that “kick” that much simpler.

(Product of choice – Solgar Spirulina 750mg)

This powerful natural supplement has taken form in shape of various packing and can be found on the nutritional information leaflet of numerous energy enhancing supplements and drinks. The complex, green microalgae compound has proven statistical reference in the increase of mental and physical agility.

(Product of choice – Ortis Red Energy Instant Energy Guarana Action)

Is a South American creeping plant that packs twice as much caffeine power than regular coffee beans. The seeds of this plant are collected and ground to a fine power before reshaping into pill-form or adding it to energy drinks and supplements.  It is a potent fatigue suppressant, although over exposure can lead to cognitive side effects such as tremors.

(Product of choice – Nature’s Answer Balanced Ginseng Complex)

This plant extract is an Asian bred remedy to fatigue and lack of concentration, traces of the Panax genus from which ginseng is extracted can also be found in the northern hemispherical countries. It was popularised in Korea and China as a leading stimulant and has since been used in various applications such as tea, pills and energy drinks.

Acai Berry:
(Product of choice – Nature’s Plus Herbal Active Acai Berry)

Acai berry has a multitude of various health benefits, which includes the active stimulation of mental stamina. Although, this violet plant extract has be coveted by numerous weight loss companies and has been heavy over sold, the fact remain that it increases vitality and offers a short and well need boost when needed.

(Product of choice – Nature’s Plus Herbal Active Rhodiola)

This is by far one of the most undervalued plant extracts of this century, this effective energy boosting stimulant rarely features in popular products even though it has so many pros. It is also known as roseroot or goldenroot and is proven to alleviate the symptoms involved with depression and mood swings while giving you the boost you need.

The information in this article does not take into account individual dietary needs or health problems – please contact your nutritionist or physician to accurately assess whether or not these supplements are safe for you to use.

Jade Barron – Lover of all things natural, expert bargain hunter and health shops frequenter.

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