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The Health Benefits Of Green Coffee Bean Extract



There are not many people in the world that have not at least tried coffee. Most people who drink it will say that it is a must-have for them on a daily basis. So apparently coffee seems to have a positive effect on its followers. It should be no surprise then, that recent studies have shown that consuming extracts from the green coffee bean can have positive effects, as well.

These extracts are called chlorogenic acid; a well-known member of the polyphenol group. They are found in many fresh fruits and vegetables and serve as powerful antioxidants for the body. They work by slowing the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal has been consumed; this allows for the body to work longer on the food already eaten, and as such, it will need less food throughout the day. Even with no exercise at all, green coffee extract is able to induce weight loss because of this known fact.

Many Studies Have Proven its Effectiveness.

Dr. Joe A. Vinson, from the University of Scranton, recently conducted a 12-week study to ascertain whether the green coffee extract was a miracle or a myth. In his test, 16 people were divided into two groups. Half of them took a placebo, while the other half received chlorogenic acids in pill form. At the end of the study, Dr. Vinson recorded his assessment of the acids’ effectiveness, noting that the participants in the study had lost a total of 17 pounds on average.

Dr. Oz from “The Dr. Oz Show” has featured the weight loss benefits of chlorogenic acids to his viewers. He showed people about the product and shared details of yet another study done on its effectiveness. In this scenario, there were 100 women, who were halved into groups; one received the chlorogenic acids, while the other received a placebo.

The experiment required them to take a 400 mg pill before each meal and to record the contents of that meal, three times a day, for two weeks. The study concluded with very positive results from taking the coffee extract. The placebo group had lost an average of 1 pound during the controlled study, while the group that received the chlorogenic acid had lost 2 pounds. Few supplements can offer a path to weight-loss, in such a natural form, and allow for no other changes to achieve such positive results.

Which Product Should You Choose?

As with any great new product, there are those who would try and sell a generic and cheaply made knock-off, in order to swindle a few unsuspecting buyers. Dr. Oz warns of this type of scam on his show and recommends making sure the product you buy contains svetol; svetol is the actual extract of the green coffee bean and is what provides the health benefits.