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Reviews Of The Top 4 Diet Plans On The Market Today



Which Diet Is Right For Me?

With so many commercialized diets on the market right now, it’s tough to know where to turn when it comes to your own personal weightless journey.  With all the big-name diets offering dramatic and long-lasting results you need to really do your research and discover which is right for you before beginning your diet, and not just base it on celebrity endorsements and international recognition.  Just because it worked for one person, doesn’t guarantee the same effect for you.

Here is a rundown of the top 4 weight loss plans on the market right now.

The Atkins Diet

Lots of protein and minimal carbs – you start out with very few carbs to kickstart the initial weight loss and depending on how much you want to lose, this can last for up to two weeks.  During this time you will eat mainly meat and seafood, cheese and eggs, peppers, cucumber, and iceberg lettuce plus unlimited fat such as butter and oil.  Over the course of the next three phases, more carb, vegetables, and fruit are introduced alongside exercise to combat the extra carbohydrate intake.    The extreme initial weight loss, whilst motivational, is unrealistic and unsustainable once the extra carbs are introduced.

The 5:2 Diet

This is based on a principle known as Intermittent Fasting and involves eating normally for 5 days and fasting for 2 by limiting your calorie intake to a quarter – so around 500 calories.    Followers feel that the two days of fasting compared to five days of eating as you please make it easier to stick with as the calorie intake is only limited occasionally as opposed to constantly as per a regular diet system.  There is not much known about the 5:2 diet still, but what research has been done has shown that generally, women lose as much weight by simply eating a calorie-controlled diet every day, so it depends on what system works best for you. The creator of the 5:2 diet, Micheal Mosley believes you should lose around 1lb a week on his method.

Weight Watchers

Now based on the ProPoints system, Weight Watchers is the current go-to diet for many people as it claims to simplify weight loss with its easy to understand the points system.  In lay-mans terms, it gives a point value to food and drinks, including thousands of meals at restaurants and even alcohol.  The points are based on fat, carbohydrate, protein, and fiber content.  With a set number of points given to you per day (set by your weight watchers group or online evaluation and depending on your starting weight), you can pretty much each anything you like within those points.  A bonus of Weight Watchers is that fruit and veg are point-less so you can fill up on that and save your points for a meal or guilt-free special treat.  Weight Watchers claim that, if followed correctly, dieters should lose around 2lbs a week. You can lower the expenses with this program by taking advantage of Weight Watchers coupon codes.

Jenny Craig

Made popular by regular TV advertisements and celebrity endorsement by Mel B AKA Scary Spice, the Jenny Craig diet is a different type of weight loss program as it offers its followers a weekly meal delivery service.  To some, this may be a Godsend as it takes off the pressure which comes with following set menus or trying to create interesting yet healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks.  Whilst this is great for kickstarting weight loss, the expense incurred with the regular package of meals, plus one-to-one weekly support and a tailor-made exercise plan means it may be vital that you learn how to create your own similar meals as opposed to relying on the service.  Also, vegetables, dairy, and fruit are not included in the package meaning extra cost.  The support means you can learn about health, portion sizes, and exercise so, in the long run, Jenny Craig can educate its followers to take control of their own weight loss.

With so many weight loss programs out there, it is a minefield when it comes to discovering what works for you and these four are just the tip of the iceberg.  Make sure you do your research thoroughly and if in doubt get advice from your doctor before starting a program.