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Why Some Weight Loss Supplements Are For Short-Term Use Only



If you’re like the average person that wants to lose that extra ten or twenty pounds, or if you’re training for the military or bodybuilding competition, you’re probably looking for the best fat burner supplement you can find. There are many weight loss supplements on the market, but you also need to be aware that some of these are for short-term use only.

Risk of Addiction or Dependence

There are many addictions out there, and just like any drug, you can develop an addiction or dependence on weight loss supplements. Many people don’t realize they have an addiction and so continue to use the drugs until a health problem shows up. The idea that ‘there’s a pill for that’ causes many people to unnecessarily spend money on tons of drugs to get their desired results. If you haven’t done adequate research and talked to your doctor, your health could be at risk. Be careful when the label says ‘all-natural’ because ingredients found in nature can be just as harmful as ones that are created in a lab. Always talk to a registered dietician or doctor to discuss possible risks of addiction or dependence before trying any product.

Effects of Supplements on Your Metabolism

There are some ingredients in weight loss supplements that have caffeine in them, which work as a stimulant; this creates a temporary spike in your metabolic rate, which isn’t a big deal, but sometimes they can do the opposite and cause the loss of muscle mass, resulting in weight gain. Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat, which means it takes more energy to maintain muscle mass than it takes to maintain fat mass. If you have a higher metabolism, you will naturally burn fat easier than someone who has a slower metabolism and can eat more. But, if you’re in a state of deprivation, your body will burn the muscle tissue first, so it can conserve energy.

Watch out for Unregulated Ingredients

Because supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, they don’t go through the same rigorous testing as prescription drugs. The ingredients in them can cause allergic reactions or adverse side effects. Some ingredients, including bitter orange and hoodia, can cause some potentially serious reactions, particularly for those who are sensitive to them. It is always advisable to talk to an herbalist or your pharmacist when deciding to use these ingredients, so you get the best fat burner supplement that is right for you and your body.