Why Are Some Prescription Drugs Considered As Controlled Substances?

A controlled substance is simply a drug that is being controlled by the government. The government regulates the manufacture of the controlled substance; it regulates who can possess the drugs; and it also regulates who can use the drugs. Controlled substance includes illegal drugs, of course, as well as a wide variety of prescription drugs.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs

The problem with illegal drugs is that we don’t know who made them. We don’t know how they were made, what other kinds of drugs used in it to enhance its effect, the tools they used to make the drugs, and how safe they really are. We only know that its effects are good, and they are what our bodies crave for. After all, when your body is looking for its quick fix, you won’t let all these matter to you. What will matter is that you get your fix and you get it now.

The Dangers of Controlled Substances

What about controlled prescription drugs? Why regulate their production, possession, and use when they can be very beneficial?

The reason why some prescription drugs are considered as controlled substances is because, although beneficial, they are highly addictive, much like illegal drugs are. People who use them can easily abuse it and become too dependent on the drug. They become psychologically as well as physically dependent on it that, if you take it away, they will no longer be able to function properly.

Difference Between Psychological and Physical Dependence

When you say psychological dependence, it means that the mind has become dependent on the drug to make him feel better. Let’s say for example that a certain prescription drug makes you feel happy, carefree, and high. Now, take it away and you’re going to feel depressed. This is because your mind is craving for the high it gives you.

Physical dependence, on the other hand, describes the body’s dependence on the drug. Your body is chemically addicted to the prescription drug, so it needs the drug to function better, stronger, and faster. Without the drug, your body would not be able to function the way you want it to. Since there is the factor of chemical addiction in physical dependence, the withdrawal symptoms are worse. Your body literally won’t function that well without the chemicals in your system.

Of note though, the differences between these two is blurred since they usually come hand in hand. You won’t be psychologically addicted to a drug if you are not physically addicted to it, and you won’t be physically addicted to it if you don’t enjoy the psychological effects it has on your brain. If the drug is abruptly stopped, the withdrawal symptoms are typically the same. You’ll have mood changes, depression, cravings, inability to sleep, inability to function well, etc.

Because of the highly-addictive nature of some prescription drugs and the harmful side effects it has on the body, the government regulates it use. Only those who have prescription from their physicians can purchase controlled prescription drugs. If you don’t have any prescription for it and you’re caught in possession of controlled substances, you can end up in jail.

The author, Jennifer Daley, regularly contributes to the blog of Elliot Savitz Law. Using controlled prescription drugs is okay, as long as your doctor prescribed it to you and you have valid medical reasons to use it. If not, then possession of such can land you in jail.

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