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4 Reasons Almost Anyone Can Benefit From Prescription Drug Cards



Do you find your bills are becoming insurmountable? Well, for most Americans, one huge part of this problem is healthcare. If you have a condition that requires regular attention, you may have to take something for it daily and those costs add up.

Luckily, most people can now benefit from discount prescription programs. Here are four reasons why just about anyone can use these.

 1. You don’t need to have a high OR low income.

With many programs in place to help consumers spend less where they need it most, there is one flaw: A number of these only cater to those who have incomes under a certain amount. Although this is still positive, it cuts out a lot of middle and even upper-class citizens. At the same time, many people of all financial statuses do not have insurance. If there was ever something good about that, this is it: When you aren’t insured (or you are, but your Rx needs aren’t covered), you can still use this free pass to get the items you need for less. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, or somewhere in between.

 2. You don’t have to live in New York only.

Certain websites say that all you have to do is go to an NYC pharmacy with your discount proof to get cheaper meds. Well, although that is true, the great thing is that there are many other places where you can do this, too! More than 48,000 drug stores across the country also participate in some similar cost savings program that allows them to cut prices on common medicines.

 3. Many prescriptions are covered (both generic and brand names).

If you have a particularly costly product that you need for good health, chances are that it may be reduced in price with these codes. You can save about 15 percent on many of the most expensive brand name items and a frugal 53 percent (more than half!) on generics.

4. Even those with prescriptions for other necessary items may benefit.

It’s nice to have your pills and other prescribed products discounted. However, if you have a condition that requires other implements and tools to administer what you need—such as with diabetes—these may also be covered if your doctor orders them.