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Simple Technique For Detoxifying Your Lymphatic System



No one is completely immune to bodily ailments, and all of us suffer from a medical condition or two, regardless of its severity. From fever to occasional breakouts of pimples, there are endless conditions to ponder about! Unsurprisingly, comprehensive diagnostic facilities and treatments are now available for curing all types of sicknesses, be it from pills to surgeries, along with regimens comprising of healthy eating habits and exercise plans. However, who knew of an all-natural cure for ‘brushing’ your symptoms away?

Yes, dry skin brushing is undoubtedly a vital process that each and every adult should commit to for optimum health, regardless of age and gender! It’s a wonderfully soothing treatment that presents a hoard of benefits – from enhanced levels of endurance to increased radiance in your overall complexion!

A few simple strokes of brushing is all it requires to get your lymphatic system (a part of the human circulatory system that is responsible for draining away waste materials from surrounding tissues and destroying bacteria/viruses) flowing smoothly and thereby encouraging the prompt elimination of toxic by-products from your entire body, aiding to prevent several diseases in the long run.

So, what exactly is dry skin brushing, and what are its advantages?

This is a special form of skin brushing for the purpose of motivating efficient drainage of lymph (a whitish-yellow fluid that constitutes of several elementary substances such as glucose, proteins, salts, and urea). Some of the advantages of dry skin brushing include:

  • A thorough exfoliation of the skin, which in turn helps to reveal newer, fresher skin beneath dead cells,
  • Drastic reduction in cellulite in women, especially around the hip and thigh region,
  • Detoxification of unwanted by-products from the body by means of excretion and defecation.
  • Improved blood circulation.

When and how is it supposed to be done?

  • First and foremost, you will need a soft, natural-bristled brush (preferably of plant origin such as those derived from vegetables). A brush with a long handle, along with an added feature of a detachable head (complete with a strap for sliding your hand into it) is ideal since it can then be most convenient to use the brush most efficiently even around hard-to-reach areas along the body.
  • It’s advisable to always dry-skin brush before a shower or bath, and that too over completely bare skin.
  • Beginning from the décolletage, move the brush in a circular motion all the way up to your neck.
  • You can now use long or short sweeping movements on the rest of your body while brushing. Start with your hands and then gradually proceed towards your abdomen and torso region, finally winding up with your lower body i.e. your legs.
  • Always pay attention to brush towards your body’s core, which is the heart, and perform at least three strokes of brushing on each part of your body in order to prominently increase the flow of lymph.
  • Follow up on this routine with a shower of alternating water temperatures to further rejuvenate circulatory patterns!