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How to keep your skin moist during dry Australian summer



How to keep your skin moist during dry australian summer

During summer, dry skin can get even drier. That is why it’s not everyone’s favorite season, as it can bring a problem when it comes to skincare. When the weather is hot, it’s harder to keep the skin soft and glowing because of the harsh heat caused by the sun. Plus, there is pollution and more dirt that add up to the problem.

According to climate forecast, summer in Australia will be drier than average. The dry and warm weather condition is expected to remain until the end of 2019 but can still go on until early 2020. With these circumstances, it’s best to make sure your skin is kept moist during summer. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow a strict beauty ritual to protect your skin. The most important thing to remember is keeping your skin remains healthy as it should be.

Here are some skincare tips so you can keep your skin looking its best, even when it’s summer.

Keep your skin clean

During summer, your skin is most likely to produce more oil because of the hot and humid climate. With more dirt and sweat, your skin can become clogged. There is also a higher chance of getting skin breakouts in your face. So you have to protect your skin by washing regularly. Lighter cleansers are recommended during the summer season, so you might need to change your cleanser if you are using a strong cleanser.

So not use cleansers with alcohol and also, do not use bar soaps. These products sometimes contain chemicals that are harsher to the skin. Also, they completely wash your skin, resulting in losing your natural oil. This is the cause of having dry skin. It is best to use liquid cleanser or body wash that contains essential oils like olive and coconut oil. Using cleansers with oils will ensure that your skin remains soft even during hot weather.

In choosing a product, don’t just purchase anything available in the store. Take time and visit a beauty shop so you can get a piece of good advice as to which product is appropriate for your skin type.

Remember to stay disciplined with your skincare routine during summer days. Do not forget to get a daily wash.

Find the right moisturizer

If you are already using a moisturizer, you must remember that you also need to update the kind of product you are using. This is because the heavy moisturizer you used during winter will not work during summer. Warm weather will require the best moisturizer for dry skin to lock in the natural moisture of your skin. If you can find a natural and light moisturizer, then much better. Try to avoid chemicals, so your skin is safe from any side effects. Most beauty experts recommend essential oils and shea butter as products that are good in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy.

Anywhere you go, make sure you carry with you a body or hand cream that has a good SPF to protect your skin from UV radiation. After washing your hand or body, make sure to moisturize right away as water will cause your skin to dry out.

Give your skin a treat by getting body scrub or body musk at least once a week or once in two weeks. This procedure will help get rid of the dirt in your skin to retain the moisture. If you do it regularly, your skin will not dry but will become healthy, smooth, and remained moisturized, and it will also keep your skin supple and creamy.

Your skin will lose lots of moisture during summer, so make sure you stay hydrated as well.  Drink at least ten glasses of water and increase your fruit intake.

Keep safe and avoid sun damage

The rays of the sun are stronger during summer, so double your efforts in protecting your skin during this season. If your skin is without moisture, you might experience premature aging of the skin. You’ll also get marks on your skin, you’ll get wrinkles, and your skin might become too dry. Without skincare, you are likely to develop skin cancer.

Sunscreen is the one thing you should not forget during summer. Protect your face, hands, legs, and other parts of your body that are exposed to the sun.  Get a sunscreen with a broad spectrum that has SPF 15 or higher.  The thing about sunscreen is it might breakthrough because there are still some harmful rays. If you can stay indoor during the time (10 AM to 2 PM) when the sun is at its strongest, then that would be a good defense. If you have to go outside, wear hats and clothing that will block the rays.

The summer season will go away, but the rashes and patches that you develop because of not taking good care of your skin will stay. The tips mentioned above can help you retain your skin moisture and keep it protected from the sun. Despite how fun and inviting the season can be, make sure you put in the time and effort to take care of your skin, or else you’ll skin will get dull and lifeless. If you develop some skin damage, make sure to avail skin service right away to treat your skin problem.

Keep your skin fresh and moist, and stay beautiful despite the blazing heat.

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