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How a Bathtub Can Help Improve Your Circulation



The proper circulation of blood throughout the body is equivalent to a healthy life. Via the circulatory system, blood cells rich in oxygen are pumped throughout the body to nourish vital organs and organs systems in an attempt to maintain temperature and even to help fight disease. Having poor blood circulation could lead to headaches, dizziness, an unclear mind, and thought process, as well as significant disruptions in the heart, kidneys, and limbs. Thankfully, if you are someone who suffers from poor circulation, there are simple and secure methods in the form of bathtubs that can be utilized to aid in the improvement of your circulation, and this is known as hydrotherapy.

Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs, also known as Jacuzzis, have the added benefit of containing jets within the bathtub that shoot out pressurized water. When used regularly, a warm bath in a whirlpool tub can help to improve your blood circulation throughout the body by encouraging veins to open up, which allows for a greater flow of blood to the organs and areas it’s needed most. Typically used in hospitals and spas, these tubs are becoming more readily available for in-home purchase and use.

Modern Bathtubs

Modern bathtubs can be designed to appear contemporary, like that of a claw-foot bath, they can be made with the crisp, clean lines of a modern look, or they can be corner tubs or built-in tubs. There’s the option to have these modern tubs come equipped with a whirlpool system, and as mentioned before, the pressurized jets of water are highly beneficial for those suffering from poor circulation of the blood. As a bonus, some modern bathtubs allow the user to set and regulate the temperature of the water. This would come in particularly handy for those whose skin may have a sensitivity to the temperature of the water.

Walk-In Bathtubs

A walk-in bathtub is just what it sounds like. For those who are older or even disabled, having the ability to easily access the bath by merely opening a door and walking in, and without the fear of a dangerous trip or slip, is a comforting thought indeed. These tubs are incredibly safe, and the benefits they provide for improved circulation of the blood are exceptional when one considers that these tubs often come equipped with pressurized jets, as seen in the whirlpool tubs. These walk-in bathtubs make bathing, and hydrotherapy, highly convenient and secure for anyone who is older and who suffers limited movement.