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Access Easily To Patient’s Records Via Digital Format



The medical history and other details of a patient are essential for the doctors to diagnose the problem and for the treatment. Thus, the medical records that are stacked in any health-care center contain the most valuable information about various patients, such as identity, personal address and contact numbers, details of family members, complete medical background, hereditary diseases, etc.

Thus, it is vital for this information to be easily and quickly accessible for the doctors without damaging or mishandling the information. This is why, with the technology advancement, instead of the old school paper files, these documents can now be saved in a digital format with the help of medical document scanning.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is, unquestionably, the future of storing the medical records of patients. The process helps in the quick recovery of data without jeopardizing the format in which it is stored. The scanning process need not be done by your own organization; the best way is to outsource this job to an expert scanning company so that you can concentrate on other priorities of your organization.

This outsourced agency will save the images in your hard disk and upload the data in a secured location using FTP services which the doctors or health-care personnel can easily access by using their standard web browsers. The quality of the stored documents is appropriate to be used by the doctors to read and analyze the information.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

There are different types of health-care centers of the same organization in different places in a city offering you different facilities. The doctors in these separate hospitals can easily access the medical records of the patients, be it the laboratory reports, MRI scans, ECG reports, sample tests, etc. by the simple use of the data storage software.

This saves time from the old school method of faxing from one institution to another. This is also helpful in case the patient is transferred to some other hospital in a different city or country altogether, his medical records will be available to the doctor in a different hospital in no time.

The scanning services always ensure to keep a backup of the scanned documents in case the information is misplaced or the computer is crashed. The backup of the data would help you recover all your lost data very easily and without wasting any of your crucial time. Bar-code and biometric fingerprint technologies are also used to secure confidential data.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that by the year 2019, 90% of medical documents will be scanned and archived. Medical document scanning is beneficial for both the doctors and the patients and this is ought to be started in all the medical institutions right away.