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The Purposes and Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators



Oxygen treatments are an important treatment choice for patients struggling with numerous respiratory conditions like COPD. Researchers have thought up techniques used in dealing with this issue and have finally put together 2 technical answers for long-term oxygen therapy – portable oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen tanks. Long-term oxygen therapy is considered oxygen therapy that takes greater than 15 hours each day. Once you come to consider it, that’s a wide range of assistance to any affected person.

These types of concentrators are devices that supply additional oxygen to a patient by compressing atmospheric air to just about four atmospheres of pressure and also by holding nitrogen out of this compressed air. This will make the oxygen in the compressed air much more intense.

The machine is definitely pricey however when you think about that you are actually getting free air supply, its worthwhile don’t you think? Today’s revolutionary concentrators provide a higher level of usefulness and flexibility, that had been uncommon a few years back. Liquid oxygen and compressed devices demand cylinders that are big and still have to be filled again and kept or managed carefully. These concentrators can easily be connected to any electrical socket.

A few intriguing functions are: re-chargeable battery packs plus they can be attached to any car’s accessory socket for efficiency.

Great things about Oxygen Concentrators

People struggling with several medical problems may need extra oxygen within their therapy protocol. There are certainly 3 standard techniques to obtain oxygen, particularly via liquid oxygen tanks, compressed oxygen cylinders, and concentrators. The concentrators have many purposes and advantages, such as concerns like use, safe-keeping, traveling, and protection.

Below are a few of the purposes of portable oxygen concentrators:

*Purposes ~ The greatest benefits of portable oxygen concentrators are their use. User-friendly and simple to utilize, these products are easily connected to a simple electrical socket. Almost every other systems such as liquid oxygen tanks need large tanks, that are quite heavy and aren’t built to be portable.

*Storage Uses ~ In contrast to compressed and liquid oxygen devices which need large cylinders for being kept in, they’re very easy to store. These products don’t require specific storage amenities which means you don’t need to stress about locating a safe place to maintain it in.

*Take a trip ~ Several portable concentrators can be attached to your car’s addition socket and come with unique functions like re-chargeable battery power. However, in case you are traveling by airplane, you may not be permitted to bring compressed tanks since they are considered harmful to health. Some concentrators are already authorized by the FAA, which makes it possible to take your system together with you on your air travel.

*Distribution ~ Compressed and liquid oxygen systems tanks ought to be filled again. It’s not simple to get these refilled all by yourself, therefore they must be supplied from an equipment retailer. This is often highly bothersome because there is a set routine needed. A concentrator, however, doesn’t need these tanks so there isn’t any need to bide time until shipping.

*Protection ~ The pressure in which compressed oxygen tanks are under is extremely substantial. So, they need to be taken care of with extreme caution constantly. A concentrator doesn’t have any of those protection dangers.

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