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Get the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Your Needs



Oxygen therapy refers to the process of dispensing oxygen to a patient with chronic illness. Doctors prescribe this therapy to patients who may have medical conditions that reduce the levels of oxygen in their bodies. These conditions usually affect the chest and lungs, reducing the body’s access to required oxygen levels.

Oxygen therapy involves getting concentrated levels of oxygen into the body through assisted breathing. Having an oxygen concentrator generally limits the movement of a patient. It becomes difficult to carry out functions that used to be easy, and in some cases, the concentrator may completely limit the locomotion of the patient.

Patients no longer have to suffer the limiting conditions of an oxygen concentrator. The Portable oxygen concentrator gives patients the freedom to move around and still receive their oxygen therapy. Portable oxygen concentrators allow patients to maintain an active lifestyle, without further health deterioration. Most portable oxygen concentrators have FAA approval, making them ideal for anyone who frequently uses airplanes to travel, but still needs concentrated oxygen.

Portable Concentrators Come in a Variety of Models

Since the development of portable concentrators, more companies are manufacturing portable oxygen concentrator equipment with the aim of coming up with a compact design. Portability is the main issue considered when making a portable concentrator that is easy to carry and use. The latest models of portable oxygen concentrators are lighter in weight and come with the ability to be battery powered and also run on electricity. The different portable oxygen models in the market provide a wide range of options for one to choose from.

When Selecting a Portable Concentrator System, It Is Necessary to Consider a Few Factors

1. The portable concentrator should cater to the patient’s oxygen needs. A patient may need a continuous flow or a pulse flow. This determines the portable oxygen concentrator selected. Ensure that it supplies enough oxygen at a reliable pace.

2. If the portable concentrator is for any airplane travel, is must have approval from the FAA. There are several approved options in the market. If one is not available, portable oxygen concentrator services can get patients the equipment they need.

3. The portable concentrator should have a reliable source of power. The ideal situation is to get one that has both a battery and an electrical outlet as this makes it possible to move around and recharge later.

4. Any portable oxygen concentrator should come with a good warranty. A warranty covers any damages just in case anything goes wrong. Any purchase should also have access to reliable portable oxygen concentrator repair services.

Buy or Rent a Portable Concentrator System for Your Portable Oxygen Needs

Most portable concentrators are expensive, especially those with advanced features. There are several portable oxygen concentrator rental services that provide access to quality concentrators to patients when needed. This makes it easier to get a concentrator for a trip or short visit, without paying the full price. Another option is to get a portable oxygen concentrator for sale. The patient gets full ownership and uses it anytime they want. Choose the best option and get portable oxygen for your health needs. The portable oxygen concentrator gives patients the needed concentrated oxygen while at the same time providing them with unmatched portability.