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Water Dispensers – a Needed Amenity?



Water coolers and heaters are considered a necessity in the modern workplace. These appliances are a great benefit to employees who want a hot or cold drink to help them get through the hours. While more and more modern workers have become workaholics and never get up from their desk, it has been proven that regular short breaks can increase productivity.  A short walk to the break room can help concentration in the long run, and many of us have become dependent on that extra cup of tea or coffee. Break time may be mandated in some jurisdictions and employers should do everything they can to encourage them.

 For decades employers of high-intensity workers (programming, electronic design, investment trading, and money management are just some of these occupations) have designed gathering places that encourage needed interaction, sharing of ideas, stress and tension-relieving activities, and just plain downtime. We have all seen pictures of firms with basketball courts and 24-hour cafeterias. Managers of these workers have learned that the exchange of ideas is the basis for their success.

Creating an environment for this communication is not very complicated.  Workers taking a needed break require hot and cold water, ice, a microwave, and refrigerator, someplace to sit, and ideally a dishwasher. Since many people are health and cost-conscious, a place to store and prepare lunch is really a benefit. But the bottom line has to be hot and cold water. These provide a chance to stay hydrated, and to help improve concentration.  (There is a reason for all of those crowded coffee shops on every corner.)

Since people want hot and cold drinks, is it a good idea to make a water dispenser easily accessible. And if the water is already either hot or cold, no one has to heat it or make ice to cool it.

The supplies and accouterments for a water dispenser include cups, spoons, sugar, and substitutes, creamers, and a selection of tea and/or coffee. If the soup is desired, a few choices would be appreciated. Giving the person a choice can make their day just a little brighter and, if providing more kinds of tea makes them happy, why not do it?

Locations for water dispensers are obvious—lunch and break rooms. Since the goal is not just a drink, but also interaction, they should not be too close to everyone’s desk. You want people to get up and walk there, getting at least a few muscles moving.  If the firm is large enough to provide a full cafeteria, a water dispenser should be available there as well. Good looking, compact water dispensers can be rented in countertop models, making them even easier to locate. Service contracts for both the appliance and the supplies can be cost-effective and will keep the water safe and sanitary.

Since it is a given that employees are going to take a work break, the decision to provide a hot and cold water dispenser is inevitable. Locating it will also be simple. So the only issue is what type to rent, and where to rent it. A quick online search will provide the names of local firms that can take care of everything you need.