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Reasons To Invest In Respironics Oxygen Concentrators



Oxygen concentrators are a necessity for people on oxygen therapy, such as those diagnosed with COPD, if they are to be able to take in adequate amounts of oxygen and maintain their usual lifestyle. However, there are different types of oxygen concentrators on the market today and they all vary in their portability.

The importance of having portable oxygen concentrators is that they will enable the users to remain mobile and active since they can easily carry the oxygen devices with them wherever they go. One good example of a modern oxygen machine that offers all the portability a user needs is Respironics concentrators.

Respironics Oxygen Concentrators

Respironics portable concentrators use modern technologies to concentrate air into the oxygen of medical grade. These devices give people on oxygen therapy the liberty to maintain active lifestyles in spite of their conditions. Below are reasons why you should invest in Respironics oxygen concentrators:

1. Battery Life

This is among the most remarkable features of Respironics concentrators. The battery life of most oxygen machines that come with portability features can last for about four to five hours. While this may be adequate for people who step out of the house for short periods of time, it is not sufficient for those who are away most of the day and travel frequently. The battery life of Respironics oxygen concentrators runs for up to eight hours at which point it needs to be recharged. This makes it a convenient option for people who need to use portable oxygen machines for the most part of their day.

2. Weight

The reason why Respironics concentrators feature great portability is because of their weight. A good number of portable oxygen machines on the market weight up to 20 pounds. Respironics concentrators, on the other hand, weigh only 10 pounds. Since many people on oxygen therapy need to carry portable oxygen concentrators with them wherever they go, this brand offers a lightweight and convenient solution. In addition, the concentrator’s cover case makes it easy to carry around and keep the machine wherever the user is.

3. FAA Approved

Since Respironics concentrators are such reliable and safe oxygen machines, they have been FAA approved for use during flights. As such, oxygen therapy patients can get to still travel by plane whenever they need to without worrying about running out of the air during the flight. The FAA approval combined with the long battery life makes it a great oxygen machine solution for people who need to travel either for pleasure or business.

4. User-friendly

In spite of the advanced technology used in Respironics concentrators, they are still very easy to use and operate. The touch-screen feature, for example, in EverGo Respironics portable concentrators makes it user-friendly than many dated oxygen machines. This advanced feature allows users to find whatever function they are looking for hassle-free.

The next time you need to shop for portable concentrators for you or someone who is required to begin oxygen therapy, then you need not wonder which brand to invest in. Respironics portable concentrators offer you a convenient, lightweight, and reliable solution for all your oxygen needs.