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What You Need To Know About Respironics Concentrators



A number of Respironics oxygen concentrators can provide a convenient, energy-efficient way to get oxygen at home. Units operate continually at a low decibel level so there are no noise distractions to be concerned about.

Home oxygen concentrators provide a durable and reliable way for users to obtain medical grade oxygen. Individuals can simply plug the units into their wall outlets and enjoy convenient and comfortable oxygen delivered directly through the cannula tubing. These units are not intended to be fully mobile, so users needing them will more than likely be functioning at a decreased mobility level.

Users do not need to concern themselves with batteries or recharging any needed batteries since these units operate solely via the wall outlet. Units can be operated while sitting in front of the television, laying in bed, or being comfortable in a favorite recliner. A number of sizes are available to suit all user needs and space limitations. Depending upon the model chosen, home oxygen concentrators can be equipped with wheels, making them easy to move from one room to another.

They can be portable

Portable oxygen concentrators fit an active lifestyle, with something for everyone concerned about getting needed oxygen without sacrificing daily activities. Units vary in weight, but the average one is 10 pounds.

Oxygen concentrators also come on handy carts that have grippable handles that fit anyone’s hand. Instead of carrying around heavy tanks, as in prior years, users can now easily and conveniently pull around a portable oxygen concentrator unit behind them. Units are so lightweight, it feels like nothing is being pulled. This adds to the convenience, comfort, and enjoyment levels of all users.

They offer financing variety

Respironics oxygen concentrators fit all budgets. Instead of mistakenly believing that units need to be purchased new and are out of the family’s budget, users need to realize that oxygen concentrators can be rented or purchased used.

Depending upon the store offering the products, many options can be available. Consulting with a trained oxygen concentrator professional will be the best option for anyone interested in obtaining supplemental oxygen.

Professionals can consult with your medical care provider to determine which option will work best. Then, the professional will work on an individual basis with users to determine what fits in best with the individual’s budget and finances.

Finding a reputable company is crucial

When considering any oxygen concentrator, it is important to deal only with trained professionals who understand the intricacies of supplemental oxygen. Do online research to find a reputable company. Visit websites and post a comment, ask a question, or reach out to the customer service department.

Notice how long it takes to receive a response. If the response is satisfactory, consider dealing with this company. If the response is unsatisfactory, or slow, find another company. A reputable company will respond quickly and value customer service.

Relying on oxygen concentrators to function properly can provide a comfortable lifestyle, or provide a frustrating experience. Doing proper research will go far in making well-informed decisions.