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The Benefits of a Home Concentrator



Patients with respiratory issues cannot get the proper amount of oxygen they need by just breathing the air around them. The use of a home concentrator allows pure oxygen to be delivered to the lungs. This process is possible because a home concentrator works by taking in the air in its surroundings. Air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. A home concentrator releases nitrogen back into the air and delivers the oxygen to the patient who needs it.

Home Oxygen Concentrator Uses

Home oxygen concentrators are intended for use in the home by those with respiratory issues. Home concentrators are just as durable and reliable as traditional oxygen tanks but don’t pose the same safety risks as oxygen tanks. Since home concentrators are tankless, there is no risk of the oxygen leaking, and also decreases the risks of the oxygen tank exploding. Home oxygen concentrators are portable because they come equipped with wheels. This means that the patient using the machine can move around their house without risking being depleted of oxygen.

However, patients with respiratory issues are not confined to their homes. To allow respiratory illness patients to maintain an active life, portable oxygen concentrators are also available.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Uses

Portable oxygen concentrators serve the same purpose as a home oxygen concentrator and traditional portable oxygen tanks. However, they enable respiratory patients to leave their homes without any risk to their health. The average portable oxygen concentrator is about 1o lbs. and runs on one battery. If a patient is unable to carry a 10 lb. concentrator, there are lighter versions available. It is pertinent to note that the smaller units usually equate to shorter battery life.

Fortunately, like home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators can be plugged into an outlet if the battery life on the concentrator is low. Car adapters can also be purchased for portable concentrators to be charged while driving.

Benefits of Home Concentrators over Traditional Oxygen Tanks

Besides being less of a hazard, oxygen concentrators also provide a variety of other benefits to respiratory patients and others that live with them. Oxygen concentrators are much quieter than traditional oxygen tanks and are much easier to move inside a home.

Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

Home or portable oxygen concentrators are ordered by a patient’s physician and contracted to an agency that specializes in oxygen services. Patients receiving oxygen therapy can rent oxygen concentrators and have their concentrators delivered directly to their homes. In addition to delivery, the company providing the oxygen concentrator will also provide the patient and their family with the education needed to operate the equipment properly. If there are any problems with the equipment, the agency will also provide troubleshooting assistance.

Oxygen concentrators are a fantastic solution for anyone who is struggling with respiratory issues. The use of a home oxygen concentrator or a portable oxygen concentrator allows individuals to continue living normal lives, despite living with a respiratory illness. The use of an oxygen machine also helps individuals feel better about themselves and their situation.