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Why Actos Users Need The Best Attorneys



Information on Actos

Since its approval by the FDA and consequent release into the market in 1999, Actos has continued to play a very important role in a large number of diabetes type II patients. It is manufactured and distributed by Takeda Chemical Industries, a worldwide pharmaceutical company.

Diabetes type II is a condition developed inside the human body in which there is a very high blood sugar level as a result of a reduced control mechanism for this sugar level. The blood sugar control mechanism, in this case, is Insulin a substance produced by the beta-cells in the pancreas. Therefore, destroyed or malfunctioning liver cells will lead to you developing type II diabetes. Type II diabetes can transform into the more dangerous type I diabetes if all the beta-cells are destroyed.

One peculiar thing about diabetes is that to date it has not been scientifically proven what causes it. This is where Actos comes in as it helps stabilize the blood sugar level and therefore doing the work that insulin does in the bloodstream. This drug can also be used jointly with injection insulin to help stabilize the blood sugar level.

Despite all these benefits of using Actos, it has been linked to life-threatening side effects such as liver damage, a condition that may lead to death if a transplant is not done. The drug has also led to women starting to ovulate again even after reaching menopause. Other side effects noticed by patients using this drug include headaches, stuffy nose, swelling, coughs, colds, and muscle pain.

Some of the diabetic patients subscribed to this drug have had to incur extra costs in treating the side effects of Actos. This is a very large financial burden to these patients most of whom come from not so wealthy backgrounds.

Limited options for patients

Patients using Actos usually find themselves in very awkward positions with no option but to sue the manufacturer of this drug for damages caused and costs incurred in treating the side effects of this drug. This, therefore, means that the patient has to find the best lawyer to represent them in an Actos lawsuit. Such a lawsuit could become a very expensive endeavor for these patients as a result of the large quantities of money required by experienced attorneys and also for logistics.

Despite this, it is still worth it to file a lawsuit if you are one of these patients as a good attorney will ensure that you get the best deals possible from it. For the case to be strong in front of the judges it is necessary that you give the attorney accurate and well-documented information about the drug usage. This information may include independent medical reports about researches done on this drug.

An attorney with good negotiating skills will also come in handy in helping you get the best deals in town in case both the manufacturer of these drugs and you decide to settle the matter out of court. So, if you have used or are using this drug, don’t hesitate for even a second to go find an attorney to advise you on your next cause of action.