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3 Treatable Injuries Best Suited For A Hot Tub



Every day, people are injuring themselves, and it is causing a lot of downtime from work and from life. In situations involving the muscles and joints, a good soaking can go a long way in relieving the pain. This includes sprains, strains, and muscle tenderness. The water provides buoyancy to prevent further injury. The temperature of the water is important because the right temperature will relax the pain away. It also helps in recovery time.

Hot tub/Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a definite way to help in the healing process. Heat, water, and air combined together are very effective in soothing tired achy muscles. It stimulates the body by washing away pain and increasing circulation. This type of therapy is found in spas all across the country.

By using heat, buoyancy, and massage the entire body is energized, and stiffness associated with the tightness is loosened. The body becomes more flexible, and endorphins are released. In addition, the body’s natural painkillers are stimulated.

What Injuries Are Relieved

Hydrotherapy is especially good for relaxing strained, or tense back muscles. The hot water and the jets from the spa create an environment that is excellent in eliminating the pain. Regular sessions in the hot tub do wonders for arthritis. It helps to keep the joints flexible and strong, and it keeps them from incurring further damage.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a study (08-16-1999) that indicated the benefits of a regime of exercise and hot tub therapy is very instrumental in relieving joint stiffness and pain. They show individuals that suffer from type 2 diabetes reduced their blood sugar levels just by soaking in the tub because being half-submerged in hot water is similar to exercise.

Another study performed by the Hot Tub Council found that anyone with a total knee replacement received tremendous benefits from using a hot tub. This is because the motion of the jets and the water helped them to develop a better range of motion. Moreover, it also helped to reduce swelling and inflammation of the knee.

These are just a few of the injuries that can benefit from the use of a hot tub. The hot tub is an easy stress reliever, and many of the injuries people encounter have a direct correlation to a build-up of stress.

How it works

A fifteen-minute soak in a hot tub is perfect for alleviating the tension surrounding stress. The temperature of the water should be around 94 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the session should last for no longer than forty minutes. During that time, the body begins to heat up and the blood pressure begins to go down.

Shortly after that, the circulation improves, and the patient can feel the difference throughout their entire body. Once the muscles begin to relax the body can easily release lactic acid and other toxins from the body. The overall results of the combined studies indicate that the benefits of hot tub therapy are definitely instrumental in reducing pain and inflammation in the body. Hot tub therapy provides a sure way to heal and restore certain injuries in the body.