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Surprising Hair Loss Reasons



Not everyone carries off bald as well as Pitbull does, so unless you do not want to be named as that ‘bald’ guy or that ‘old’ girl, you need to seriously start thinking about the different reasons for your hair loss. In fact, one would be surprised to know that this problem is becoming extremely popular. The American Academy of Dermatology has found out that within the United States alone, there are around 80 million people, who face the problem of hair loss, mainly attributed to genetic predisposition.

Nevertheless, there are several other reasons, except for the hereditary hair loss. It is also important to point out that while it is a common misunderstanding that males suffer from rapid hair loss, even women experience the same problem. You should also know that if you are losing around 20-50 strands of hair every day, while you comb or wash your hair, then it is quite normal. However, if you are losing more than 100 strands every day, then you need to realize that it may lead to pre-mature balding.

 Following are several reasons as to why hair loss may occur:

 1.      Androgenetic alopecia: Okay, so the name may sound tough, but you need to know that this is the sort of hair loss that people tend to inherit. Hair loss increases with age, but you may have hair loss gradually. This condition may occur in both men and women. With this kind of hair loss, which you are predisposed to because of your genes, you really cannot do much.

2.      Artificial and excessive chemicals and other equipment for styling: Those women, who tend to blow-dry their hair or straighten them, or use a curling iron, may also damage their hair, which may lead to hair fall. This is because the hair gets brittle and breaks. Additionally, if you dye your hair with cheap chemical dyes, then this could also be a factor. However, luckily, this kind of damage can easily be reversed by taking proper care of your hair. You should cut down the use of such equipment, along with the decrease in the use of low-quality chemicals. Furthermore, you can use proper hair products, along with getting treatments done. If men dye their hair excessively or use a lot of styling creams, such as gels, they may also face the same problem.

3.      Medications: There are particular prescriptions that can lead to hair loss, because of their side effects. Such medications include Vitamin A supplements, arthritis medications, gout medicine, heart problems, birth control pills, blood pressure medications, as well as anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

4.      Anemia: This particular condition, which is characterized by a low-iron component in the blood may also lead to such a problem. Generally, the iron levels go down, when there is the loss of blood, or simply because of poor diet. Women tend to have higher rates of anemia than men. However, again this problem can be resolved, as well by getting proper nutrition, and taking iron supplements.

5.      Thyroid Disease: Sometimes, there are particular health conditions, which can result in hair loss. It is a hormonal problem, when the body produces the hormone excessively or too little. Hair loss is one of the symptoms of thyroid disease. However, once you start off with the treatment for thyroid disease, then hair loss will also be prevented.

6.      Hair loss due to menopause: Hair loss also occurs as a result of menopause. However, it will not lead to complete baldness. In fact, during this stage, many women may experience hormonal imbalance, which may also lead to this condition. Doctors may prescribe estrogen hormone balance medications, which can lead to a decrease in hair loss automatically.

7.      Hairstyling: There are certain kinds of hairstyles, especially in women, which can lead to hair loss. This occurs due to a condition known as traction alopecia. Such hair loss occurs at the sides of the head, as well as at the temples. Therefore, while such hairstyles such as braids and weaves can look excellent, and are very fashionable, you can take precautions in the sense that you should not make a habit out of these hairstyles.

8.      Diet: Many people, and more particularly women do not get enough minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that the body requires. This may lead your hair to fall. If you have less protein consumption, this can cause the problem. If you have lost weight drastically, especially if you lose 15 pounds within a short span of time, then this problem may occur after three months of you starting that crash diet. Therefore, you need to go to your nutritionist and your healthcare provider to understand your body’s optimum need for nutrients.

9.      Stress: The most killer of all, stress can lead to severe devastating consequences. This great devil can also cause excessive hair loss. However, remember that your hair loss would be reversed after you try to keep the stress under control. You can expect that your hair will start growing back after six months to 8 months.

10.  Childbirth: After you have had your baby, you may also lose hair, because of the changes in your hormones. This of course occurs in females, and this would be reversed once the stage passes. Alternatively, you may contact your doctor for hormone balancing treatment.

Therefore, keep these different reasons in mind, if you are suffering from this problem then take action immediately!