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Top Five Birth Control Myths



It appears that widespread sexual education in schools has had little effect on the popularity of birth control myths. A surprisingly high number of people still believe in utter nonsense when it comes to pregnancy prevention.

Should you find yourself both sexually active and with little interest in becoming a parent, it’s therefore important for you to be careful about whose advice you listen to. In particular, you should avoid listening to any of the following popular birth control myths.

If The Female Urinates After Sex, She Cannot Get Pregnant

Urinating immediately after sex can reduce your odds of getting pregnant but only by a fraction. This myth arose from the fact that women who are actually trying to get pregnant are often advised not to immediately urinate after sex. As a birth control method, however, it’s woefully inadequate.

The same logic applies to douching, showering, and bathing immediately after sex.

The Pull Out Method is an Effective Birth Control Technique

The pull-out method refers to the male pulling out of the vagina prior to ejaculating. Though in theory, the pull out method can be effective, it requires a certain level of perfection that is not always easy to achieve. For the pull out a method to be effective, the following three points need to hold through.

  • The male cannot eject pre-ejaculate fluid. Pre-ejaculate fluid not only contains over 300,000 sperm, but it’s also impossible for a male to control.
  • The male must pull out before he ejaculates. Mistakes are common.
  • The male must ejaculate nowhere near the vagina. Again, mistakes are common.

Women Cannot Get Pregnant When They Are on their Period

This myth arises from the fact that women can only get pregnant when they are ovulating. And in most cases, if a woman is on her period, she isn’t ovulating. Unfortunately, however, women aren’t robots and their ovulation cycles don’t obey clocks.

Many women have irregular ovulation cycles and are therefore more than capable of both being on their period and ovulating at the same time. Assuming otherwise is a mistake that has to lead to many unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual Positions

Myths regarding various sexual positions and their ability to act as birth control methods are rife on the internet. Unfortunately, however, they have absolutely no basis in truth. Women can get pregnant regardless of whether they are having sex lying down or standing up.

It doesn’t matter whether you have unprotected sex inside, outside, or even hanging from the ceiling, there is always going to be a risk of pregnancy.  Myths regarding the number of times that a woman has had sex in the past are equally false.

The Pill Can Protect Against STD’s

Finally, some people don’t realize that there’s a very big difference between birth control and STD control. The pill offers no protection against STD’s whatsoever. The same applies to the pull-out method regardless of how perfectly it is performed.

The only types of birth control methods that protect against STDs are those that literally place a barrier between the penis and the vagina i.e. condoms.