Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

When it comes to being pregnant, have you ever noticed that everyone seems to have an opinion? As soon as people find out that you are expecting, you will be flooded with advice, things you should do, things you should not do, what you can and cannot drink, etc. It can leave your head spinning and if you listen to everyone, you should be living in a bubble for the whole term of your pregnancy. You may not know how to discern the myths from the facts about being pregnant.

Of course, if anything is in question, you should always ask your physician. It is better to get an answer from a doctor about you, your body and your baby. However, there are some myths that can easily be dispelled right here and now. This will get you a better handle on what advice you can ignore and what advice actually makes sense.

Myth 1: You Cannot Eat Fish While Pregnant

It is true that there are types of fish that you need to avoid eating when you are expecting, but you do not have to avoid all fish. You just need to know what is safe and unsafe. The fish that you need to avoid would be types of fish that are high in mercury, which can be harmful to you and the baby. High mercury fish would be larger fish and predatory fish like swordfish, mackerel, and tilefish. If you would like to enjoy the health benefits of fish, limit your intake to about 12 ounces a week and choose low mercury fish like salmon, shrimp, tilapia, and cod.

Another thing you need to remember about seafood when you are pregnant is that you should always make sure that the food is thoroughly cooked. You will need to avoid any raw seafood like oysters, sushi, or clams. Always ensure that seafood, and any meat you eat for that matter, are cooked thoroughly before you eat them.

Myth 2: All Pregnant Women Have Morning Sickness

There are those women who are actually blessed with not a day of morning sickness. You just may be one of them. It is true that the majority of expectant mothers will experience sickness at some time in their pregnancy. However, the interesting truth is that the large majority of those women will actually experience this sickness during the evenings. Morning sickness is just a term, but the sickness itself can hit in the mornings, in the afternoon, in the evenings, or the middle of the night. Because of this, it is a good idea to have a package of plain crackers with you at all times, not just in the morning.

Myth 3: Maternity Clothes are Frumpy and Out of Style

There was a time when maternity clothes did have a certain look and that look was not so appealing. This is not the case anymore. In today’s fashion world, you will find maternity clothes that are flattering, comfortable, and very fashionable. You do not have to look like you just got out of bed throughout your whole pregnancy. Instead, you can look just as put together and fashionable as you did before you found out that you were expecting.

It is unfortunate that so many myths about pregnancy run rampant. It can leave a newly expectant mom scared to even go out of her house. However, when you learn how to discern the myths from the facts, you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy. There are foods and beverages that you need to avoid, but not all of them. With simple steps toward learning the facts, you can ensure your baby is safe and that you can enjoy your pregnancy.

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