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Pros And Cons Of Birth Control



The concept of birth control has changed and developed considerably since its introduction. Now you can find more than a dozen different methods of birth control. These methods include pills, condoms, patches, rings, and injections. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, and it depends on which type of method suits you more. The schedule and body preferences of each woman are different; therefore, we cannot say which is the best method of birth control for a particular woman. However, we can discuss the pros and cons of birth control which are understood:


  • Birth control methods are extremely effective against preventing you from becoming pregnant. However, you have to use these methods wisely in order to achieve optimum results.
  • Some of the birth control methods are extremely convenient to use.  For example, injections should be given on a monthly or quarterly basis; whereas, the internal ring should be worn for 30 days. Most women prefer to take a pill as it is the most convenient method for controlling reproduction.
  • Some women also want to use birth control methods for other reasons, for example, the treatment of acne, avoiding heavy periods, and avoiding the risk of reproductive cancer.
  • Birth control is an extremely effective method for controlling the harmonic cycle.
  • Birth control does not affect the fertility of a woman in the long term, so you can say it is a safe way to avoid pregnancy.


  • There are some side effects for every birth control method which women should understand before adopting any of these methods. Some of these side effects include headache, nausea, stroke, weight gain, and heart attack. Keep in mind that these side effects are temporary as when your body adjusts to new levels of the hormone, the side effects will disappear automatically.
  • The blood pressure of women who use birth control pills often increases. This includes both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.
  • The risk of blood clots also increases in women who are using birth control methods. Primarily, this occurs in the lungs or leg areas of the woman’s body.
  • Bleeding as well as spotting during periods also occurs in women who use birth control pills.
  • It has also been observed that women who use birth control do not enjoy sex as much as they did before.

Despite its pros and cons, birth control is one of the most popular methods for avoiding pregnancy, and it is used by women all over the world. Due to the convenience of use, women use these methods on a regular basis and live a happy life. Those who want to enjoy their sexual life without considering the risk of becoming pregnant can use any appropriate method of birth control. Though there are some side effects of these methods, these side effects are temporary, and they do not occur in all women.