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Top Five Tips to Prevent Hair Loss



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Hair loss is commonly experienced by men; however, it can also happen to women especially at pregnancy or after childbirth. In some cases, the condition can also happen to children. Hair loss is caused by many factors such as hormonal, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, pollutants, and other factors. To prevent hair loss you should avoid things that can trigger it. The following are five tips that you can do;

Doing hair care

Haircare can be done alone or go to the salon. To care for the hair by yourself, you can use natural ingredients. There are many natural ingredients that you can use such as eggs, honey, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, and more. These ingredients are very beneficial to strengthen and nourish the hair naturally.

The ingredients work to meet the nutrient is required by your hair. The nutrients are very easy to be absorbed by the scalp. In addition to self-care, you can also go to a clinic or beauty salon. To get a good salon you can also look through the internet. You can use the search engine to find the salon you want by typing a word or phrase such as hair loss clinic or hair treatment. You can also type the words that match your residents such as hair loss Toronto and others.

Wash your hair with the proper shampoo

The shampoo is very beneficial to clean the hair from the dirt such as dust and dead scalps cells. The use of shampoo is also beneficial to cleanse the scalp from bacteria that can infect the scalp. In choosing the shampoo you should avoid the ingredients that can harm your hair health such as SLS, lauryl alcohol, mureth sulfates, propylene glycol, and olefin sulfonate.

Eating healthy foods

To maintain healthy hair, you need to eat a lot of foods that can strengthen and nourish hair. These foods are generally rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and others. Food is abundant in meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Various food that is good to prevent hair loss includes seafood, salmon, sardines, tuna, milk, meat, eggs, beans, yogurts, oysters, broccoli, nuts, and others.

Avoid combing your hair while wet

Combing wet hair is not recommended. This can damage the hair and easier hair loss. You are also not recommended to rub the hair with a towel too hard. This can damage the hair roots and makes hair fall easily. To comb wet hair you can use a wide-tooth comb.


Exercise is not only beneficial for health but also effective to prevent hair loss. Exercise is very useful to improve blood circulation. With smooth blood circulation will facilitate the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles.