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Can Coffee Stop Hair Loss?



We are all accustomed to consuming coffee and using caffeine to help us increase our energy. As it turns out, caffeine does more than help us survive our busy days. It has recently been noticed that caffeine can stimulate hair growth and decrease hair – loss. This can be achieved by merely applying caffeine in the form of a topical solution onto the affected region of the scalp.

The research targeted towards studying the results of caffeine on hair loss carried out by Dr. Fisher in the College of Jena involved patients who have been struggling with the first stages of androgenic alopecia, also called hair thinning hair loss.

As the title of this study indicates, this type of hair loss happens mainly in males and involves gradual hair – loss and balding within the hairline and crown regions of the head. There have been four different categories of therapies that were performed among the participants, and these involved placebo therapies, typical nutrition, testosterone therapies, and caffeine therapies.

The fascinating surprise throughout the research was the result of caffeine therapy, which showed that caffeine was extremely effective in lessening the effects of DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a specific hormone based on testosterone, and this hormone is the one responsible for hair loss in certain stages of adulthood. Today it is considered to be the primary factor that contributes to hair thinning hair loss, and medicines like Propecia are aimed to stop the introduction of DHT in your body. When the appearance of DHT stays, hair thinning hair – loss is prevented as well. The results of the caffeine therapy showed that caffeine might provide the same effects as Propecia.

The only problem was getting a method for applying caffeine in the affected region because the primary research was completed in laboratory test tubes. After experimentation, it had been discovered that topical application enables caffeine to be absorbed through the skin.

The researchers have added caffeine into shampoo, and it was discovered that caffeine can provide you with the preferred results and that it requires a minimum of two minutes each time it is applied to show the desired effects. The majority of the participants struggling with hair thinning hair – loss have seen the exciting results of the caffeine therapy by merely adding a moderate dose of caffeine to their typical shampoo.

Nevertheless, if you are considering your everyday coffee intake will function like this hair – loss treatment, you are thinking the wrong way. High doses of caffeine consumed internally are deemed to be a contribution to hair – loss, not hair growth. Therefore, the secret of this therapy lies in the simple proper dosing of the topical solution.

This therapy is still unclear in many aspects, and there are lots of additional studies that are currently testing exactly how caffeine contributes to stopping hair loss.

So don’t rush to replace Propecia for coffee-based shampoos you can probably find on the web, no-one knows how these new items affect hair condition.